How to Get Glowing Winter Skin

If you think keeping your skin nice and clear during the summer is the most difficult thing ever, think again! There are so many cold weather skin and beauty foes we’ll be taking care of until the temps rise back up again and that includes lots of dryness. Depending on your skin type, you’ll be faced with many different skin issues this winter so we’re giving out tips on how to get glowing winter skin for most skin types.

  • DO NOT OVER-MOISTURIZE – yes, there is such a thing and no, it’s not good for your skin. You might think packing on the moisturizer / adding an extra layer will leave your dry and itchy skin looking and feeling better but that’s not true at all. Your skin can only absorb so much moisturizer at a time so anything in excess will just block and clog pores which is never a great thing.

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  • USE THE RIGHT MOISTURIZER – using the wrong moisturizer won’t give you the results you want which will make you think you’ll need to use more of the product and these will all lead to over-moisturizing which, as we learned earlier, is a no-no. If you don’t see good results from the current moisturizer you’re using, it’s time to switch. Try to look for moisturizers with ingredients like safflower oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, ceramides, linoleic acid or shea butter as these work great on dry skin.

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  • SEAL YOUR MOISTURIZER – this is one important step that a lot of women tend to forget about. If you don’t seal your moisturizer after applying it, your skin gets even drier because of a process called osmosis. Make sure to use a toner 60 seconds after applying your moisturizer to seal all the good stuff in.

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  • AVOID LICKING YOUR LIPS – they feel dry so wetting them should be a solution, right? Wrong. Licking your lips will only make them drier so avoid doing it as much as you can and make sure you have lip balm everywhere you go so you can use that any time your lips feel dry and chafed.

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  • ADJUST YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE – as the season changes, a lot of things change too and that should include your skincare routine. Your summer skincare routine is not going to work quite as well in the wintertime because you’re not dealing with the same elements anymore. Make sure to change / adjust your skincare accordingly. You skin will thank you for it.

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