How to Get Fit and Look Chic at the Same Time

Now that summer is in full blast, I know a lot of you are really burning those extra pounds at the gym to make sure you look great in your bikinis come the weekend and while many people say the gym is no place for fancy clothes and working out and looking stylish are two things that don’t mix but as a fashionista, I know you find it hard not to at least try to look fab while getting fit so here are some tips on how to get fit and look chic at the same time without looking like you’re trying too hard.

  • BRING ON THE BRIGHT COLORS – whether you’re heading for the gym or going for a run, having lots of bright colors in your outfit always brings a lot of fun. But not only that, it also adds lots of street style cred to your workout look. Don’t shy away from bright colors, including neons, but don’t go overboard either. A pop of color here and there is enough to make your workout outfit stand out.

bright colors with neutrals

bright orange jacket

  • WEAR CUTE PRINTS AND PRETTY PATTERNS – aside from bright and vibrant colors, prints and patterns are another thing you can incorporate to your workout ensemble to make it look more lively and stylish. Try a statement shirt with some motivational words or a quirky print pattern that will turn heads and make everyone do a double take.

printed leggings outfit prints and patterns

  • UTILIZE USEFUL ACCESSORIES – normally, even I would say steer clear of accessories when working out but since so many accessories especially made to be worn while working out, that advice has flown out the window. Make the most out of useful accessories to make your workout look more stylish. Tech accessories for exercise, especially, are not just super useful, they look ultra chic, too!

accessories for working out accessorized for a workout

  • LAYER UP – layering always amps up the look of any outfit and, yes, you can do layers even for an outfit meant for the gym. A cute bralette underneath a loose muscle tank, a fun crop top underneath your jacket – these are just some of the ways you can add layers to your workout look without compromising comfort.

layered shirt and tank top layered up look

  • GET MATCHY – if you think the matching sets trend stops at street style looks, think again! Sportswear giants like Adidas have released collections that feature matching sets that include tops, shorts, skirts and even gym bags so if you haven’t already, go ahead and get yourself some of the goodies!

matching adidas gear matching workout gear

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