How to Get Away with Wearing Flats Every Day

They’re fab, they’re fierce but there’s no denying that they can be a pain to deal with as well. Many say that heels add an instant flair of sexy sophistication to any look and while we’re all about that, I think our feet would thank us more if we wore more of their comfier counterpart that is flats. The only thing that, I guess, many fashionistas have a problem with when it comes to flats is that they can be too casual and too laidback that they don’t give off that glam vibe and that oomph that an outfit needs. If you’re not too concerned about looking glitzy and ritzy for daily looks, though, flats would make great everyday shoes. Here are some tips on how to get away with wearing flats every day.

  • INVEST IN THE BASICS – there’s nothing like a good ol’ pair of basic yet chic and stylish flats to wear when you’re on a hurry and have no time to decide what shoes to pair your outfit up with. Having the basic styles as well as the neutral colors in your collection will allow you to add that timeless classic vibe to your outfit in an instant.

neutral brown flats

  • BUT DON’T LIMIT YOUR COLLECTION TO THAT – just because it’s nice to have the basics and the classics doesn’t mean you should stop growing your collection to those pairs. If you truly want to wear flats for everyday looks, you have to have a pretty good amount of shoes to choose from to match your daily looks and bringing in bright colors and cute patterns will help you with that. If you have yet to amass an empire of flats, you can start out with really safe but fun and wearable colors like pink, teal, sunshine yellow and the likes. You can also start adding prints from the staple animal print pair to, later on, a more daring and adventurous one like pop art printed flats.

animal print flats black and gold flats

  • EXPLORE DIFFERENT STYLES – break away from the classic round toes for a while and explore other style variations when looking for new pairs to add to your collection. Pointy toe flats are always flattering and they help make your feet look slimmer/narrower while also elongating your legs. T-straps are perfect if you’re looking for something more secure for a day full of walking. Other styles that you can try include lace ups, jellies, studded flats, kitten heels, d’orsay flats, loafers, open toe, chucks and, basically, whatever else you can find.

flat sandals casual green flats metallic gold flats

  • CHOOSE WHAT YOU WEAR WITH THEM – sometimes, even the dressiest of dressy flats just don’t cut it, especially if the outfit you have on is rather ritzy. Choose what you wear them with and make sure that your flats complement your outfit and vice versa.

round red flats pink pointy flats white lace up flats

  • REMEMBER THAT COMFORT IS KEY – the real secret to pulling off flats every day is being comfortable in them. If you’re going to be in pain while wearing flats anyway, then why don’t you just go ahead and wear heels? Always make sure each pair you add to your collection for everyday looks is comfortable.

metallic flat sandals birkenstocks style cute pink flats with jeans mustard yellow flats

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