How to Get Ariana Grande’s Youthful Look

More than just her glass-breaking voice, Ariana Grande is also known for her immaculate fashion sense. Get her youthful and trendy look with these trademark pieces:

Floral Prints

If you observe Ariana Grande’s paparazzi pictures, you will notice that she can’t keep her hands off floral tops and dresses. And why not? These lively designs make her look more blooming.  Look as stylish as Ariana by wearing nude/plain-colored heels with floral frocks. Such shoes can balance the busy print of your outfit.

floral print dresses

floral dress and pumps yellow floral dress

Bustier Dresses

Just like her floral prints, Ariana Grande can’t get enough of bustier dresses. After all, such a style can create a sexy silhouette – even if you have a column-shaped body.

ariana grande bustier dress

If you plan on wearing bustier dresses, follow Ariana’s style and be simple all throughout. Below you can see that she is very stylish – even if she was just accessorized in a heart-pendant necklace. beautiful bustier dress printed bustier dress


Whenever she’s not on the stage singing and dancing, Ariana Grande can be seen in her favorite casual attire: the sweater. She adds her own sense of style to these warming clothes by wearing them as off-shoulder tops.

ariana grande sweater cream off shoulder sweater

Although she has a curvy body to flaunt, Ariana prefers wearing sweaters without waist-cinching belts. Should you decide to follow suit, keep balance in mind.  For example, wear a loose sweater with skinny jeans or a sleek pair of knee-high boots. brown sweater and skinny jeans


Ariana Grande is often seen on red carpets and stages wearing a bralet. Although it is more of a summer trend, you can wear it this winter as well! Keep warm with this small item of clothing by pairing it with a circle skirt (Ariana’s number one choice) and tights. You can also wear it with longer bottoms, such as a sexy legging or a loose maxi skirt.

ariana grande bralet bralet and tulle skirt bralet and maxi skirt

Plaid Skirt

Ariana Grande loves the schoolgirl look, as evidenced by her fondness for plaid skirt. Get her stylish preppy look by wearing the plaid skirt with plain-colored tops. Do avoid knee-high socks though, lest you want to look like you just came home from school.

ariana grande plaid skirt white top and plaid skirt sweater and plaid skirt

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