How to Get (and Keep) the Best Red Hair Dye Job

There’s something about being a redhead that makes us want it so bad. Perhaps it’s the fact that only a few people in this world are genuine redheads or maybe it’s because red is such a fierce color. Whatever it is, if you’re planning on coloring your hair red, you should read up these tips on how to get (and keep) the best red hair dye job first. We’ll let you in on some secrets and tell you how you can make your red hair last longer and more beautifully.

  • HAVE IT DONE PROFESSIONALLY – red is a tricky hair color to work with so if you’re dyeing your locks this color for the first time, it’s best to get it done by a professional. It may cost you a little more than if you did it yourself but it will surely save you from a bad dye job and all the other disasters that come with it.

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  • DON’T WASH IT IMMEDIATELY – wait a few couple of days before you wash your hair after a dye job. This will give your hair more time to absorb the color and the color to cling on to your hair. This will also help seal the cuticles real well so that your hair color stays on longer.

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  • SKIP SHAMPOO SOMETIMES – washing your hair frequently can make you lose the red tint on your hair faster so if you can, skip washing your hair and shampooing and take half-baths instead. Second to third day hair is ideal and going beyond that is entirely up to you and dependent on your lifestyle.

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  • CARE FOR THE HAIR – maintaining color treated hair isn’t as difficult as you think. Yes, it will take a few extra hours off of your entire week but it’s not something you have to do tediously every day. Invest in hair products especially formulated for color treated hair. These include color-depositing shampoos and conditioners as well as dry shampoo for colored locks. Hair glaze is another thing you’ll want to invest in to make sure your tresses stay red and shiny all the time.

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  • TOUCH UP YOUR ROOTS – touching up your roots is easier than dyeing all of your hair so this one is actually something that you can do yourself. This step will make your hair color last longer so you won’t need to re-color every so often because, let’s face it, hair dye can be really drying and damaging to the hair.

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  • LIMIT SUN EXPOSURE – yes, I know you’ll want to show off those beautifully dyed red locks but don’t expose your hair out in the sun for too long. Prolonged exposure to the sun can not only damage your hair, it can make your dye job fade faster as well.

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