How to Get A Minimalist Street Style with Sarah Harris

Minimalist street style consists of basic pieces in neutral shades, streamlined cuts, and clean lines seem a bit challenging to wear if you’re aiming for a fashion-forward look. However, looking loud and flashy on your street style doesn’t mean looking fashion-forward at all times and wearing a minimalist style typically tends to look classy and timeless. Fashion director of British Vogue, Sarah Harris is also a street style icon known for her minimalist style and striking silvery hair. Looking for inspiration for a minimalist street style? Keep on reading to scoop some of Sarah’s tricks.

  1. Pick fashionable trends that work for you to wear it in minimalist ways.

fringe jacket with skinny pants and classic pumps

graphic top with distressed jeans and classic pumps layered outfit with chic loafers military jacket with jeans and flip flops pajama outfit with chic turtleneck top

There are some trends that will still work with a minimalist street style you’re aiming for except for color blocked trend, jewel tones trend, and other colorful trends that looks a bit loud and flashy. Fashion editors are working in a professional environment so they typically opt for street styles that look clean, simple, and crisp. Like Sarah, you may think of pajama trend, military trend, safari trend, borrowed-from-boys trend, fringe trend, and even an architectural trend that will look fashionable in neutral palettes. A military coat with boxy and structured silhouette may be enough to spice up your favorite jeans, as well as button-down shirt and sweater combination while keeping your street looks minimalist.

  1. Have one or two boxy and architectural pieces on your outfit.

structured coat with jeans minimalist casual outfit with pointed loafers leather jacket with tank top and skinny pants boxy pants with button down shirt architectural jacket with skinny pants architectural cardigan with casual outfit

Generally, your outfit silhouette will define your overall looks whether you’ll end up sleek or sloppy. So, go for boxy and architectural pieces with sharp edges to bring back the polished looks even you’re just wearing a tee-and-jeans combination. A wool coat, leather jacket, structured vest, or even boxy trousers will make your street style interesting even you’re just wearing muted shades. Feel free to go for boxy collars, oversized ruffles, architectural sleeves, flared hems and such to add some modern feel to your minimalist look.

  1. Create fabric contrasts on your monochromatic outfit.

knitted dress with straight leg pants monochromatic outfit with slip on sneakers minimalist outfit with pumps

A monochromatic outfit easily tends to look dull and boring. To avoid this, always play with your fabric textures to give a good contrast or a slightly different hue to your color palette. Like Sarah, you may think of contrasting suede, leather, denim, cotton, velvet, or even wool on your outfits to create a clean, streamlined, and sleek look. Details like embroidery, fringes, beadings, brocades and such on your fashion pieces are also great for creating a stylish monochromatic look.

  1. Create interest to your minimalist outfit with trendy footwear.

snakeprint pumps with gray tunic and jeans pointed loafers with tee and cuffed jeans pointed loafers and blazer with metallic top and jeans cut out sandals with cardigan and jeans

Minimalist street style always sticks to minimalist accessories, but you can still go for trendy cut-out boots, lace-up sandals, snake print pumps, pointy loafers, or even masculine oxfords to add some statement to your outfit without losing your minimalist theme. A minimalist street style may not always be the statement-making styles you can have, but it will surely make your looks timeless, streamlined, and smart.

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