How to Get a Casual Cool Style with Amelyn Beverly

Summer is the perfect time to look stylish yet breezy on your street looks. However, getting a casual cool style doesn’t mean you have to forgo your feminine dresses and chic skirts. Mind behind the Beverly Ville blog, Amelyn Beverly is a fashion blogger known for her casual cool style perfect for the summer season. If you wish to make your summer looks casual cool while keeping it dressy and chic, keep on reading to scoop some style tricks from her.

Dress up your favorite denim pieces a bit.

denim romper with lace top

striped off shoulder top with denim cut off shorts jeans with off shoulder top denim shorts with puff sleeved top denim shorts with chiffon blouse and hat

Having a casual cool style doesn’t mean resorting to tee and jeans all the time. Like Amelyn, dress up your favorite denim shorts with an off-shoulder top or a lightweight blouse to make your summer style a bit chic without looking overly dressy. Instead of casual crop tops and tees, resort to a lace blouse to dress up your denim romper and pair it with chic oxfords that will add some edge to your looks. When wearing your favorite jeans in the summer, make your looks a bit breezy by going for off shoulder tops and sleeveless blouses over those sleeved ones.

Embrace sexy and breezy tops.

culottes with spaghetti tank top tube top with culottes tank top with skinny jeans and hat tank top with crochet shorts lace top with button front skirt

Since summer is the perfect time to show off your sexy shoulders, resort to breezy and sexy tops like Amelyn did. Like her, opt for a sleeveless lace top that will go perfectly with your button down skirt, which will give some bohemian vibe to your summer looks. If you think black can’t work in the heat of summer, you’re wrong as Amelyn creatively pulled the look by going for a breezy tank top and lightweight lace shorts that kept her summer looks casual cool.

Don your stylish and functional summer accessories.

backless dress with straw hat striped romper with hat lace up gladiators with pastel vest gladiator sandals with breezy outfit cold shoulder romper with fringed bag

Sun hat, gladiator sandals, chic sunglasses, and lace up sandals are some of the summer must haves you might already have in your closet. Lace-up gladiators and strappy sandals will go perfectly with your summer rompers and sexy shorts. Like Amely, opt for a white cold shoulder romper teamed with a fringed bag and straw hat that will make your summer style cool and chic.

Add some fun to your summer looks with prints.

tropical print cropped top with shorts quirky print outfit with mickey mouse headband polka dots skirt with black top plaid shirt with casual cool outfit breezy chic outfit with sun hat

Breton stripes, summer stripes, floral prints, and tropical patterns are some of the season-inspired prints you may go for. If you’re heading to the beach with friends, draw inspiration from Amelyn’s beach looks by going for a cropped shirt teamed with striped pants and straw hat that will give your outfit some nautical vibe effortlessly. If you’re going to a tropical destination, you may go for a tropical print top to spice your casual outfit a bit, while giving your looks a hint of summer perfect for the colorful season. Indeed, summer is the perfect time to get some casual cool looks. With these inspirations from Amelyn, you’ll surely get a breezy chic style in no time.

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