How to Dress Up Your Thong Sandals

It may be the perfect staple at the beach, but thong sandals look too casual for a street style compared to one-strand heels or ankle strap ones. If you’re not a fan of wearing flip flops on the streets and resorting to a pair of thong sandals feels so, you might need some inspiration and styling tricks to make them more fashionable. If you think thong sandals feels cheap or unflattering, keep on reading to dress up your sexy sandals instantly.

Pick a chic pair of thong sandals, preferably metallic ones.

breezy cold shoulder dress with thong sandals

striped crop top with gingham skirt and thong sandals metallic gold thong sandals with gray dress graphic print dress with thong sandals

Nothing will look cheap in the shade of metallic silver or gold as the color itself mirror opulence. However, skip other metallic styles in flashy colors and blinding shades that don’t look chic enough, especially when you’re wearing too simple outfits. If you wish to wear a vintage outfit, think of a pair of metallic gold thong sandals that will modernize your style a bit with a glamorous twist. Like fashion blogger Desiree Selmanovic, you may also think of metallic gold thong sandals with leaf-inspired details that evoke a goddess-inspired style. This way, you’ll make your thong sandals look more glamorous than it seems.

Wear your simple sandals with sophisticated outfits.

chic romper with thong sandals zebra print dress with thong sandals thong sandals with striped skirt and white top summer shirt dress with sandals off shoulder white dress with thong sandals

If you’re wearing simple and flip-flops like thong sandals, think of wearing them with sophisticated outfits to dress them up a bit. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, think of an animal print dress that can instantly dress up your casual sandals, making them less noticeable yet sleek. If you’re heading to a summer vacation and wishes to wear a white dress, dress up your casual sandals with a brightly colored bag or a chic hat. Wearing your casual sandals with metallic outfits or ones which are normally worn with a chic pair of pumps will be great too.

Make your thong sandals complement your outfit’s theme.

architectural outfit with thong sandals thong sandals with harem pants and chic blazer thong sandals with casual chic style striped dress with thong sandals long sandals with bohemian dress

Though your shoes can dress up or dress down your entire outfit, it can complement your style too, making your looks more expressive and clear. If you’re into a bohemian fashion, you’ll be expected to wear a pair of boots or strappy sandals over classic pumps. Like Behati Prinsloo, make your thong sandals complement your outfit’s theme by wearing a bohemian dress with a leather pair of sandals that looks just perfect. If you’re wearing an architectural top and a pleated skirt, complete your structured looks with a pair of thong sandals that would blend well with your theme.

Let your thong sandals make a bold statement for you.

red-skater-dress-with-thong-sandals pastel outfit with thong sandals floral dress with thong sandals

If you think thong sandals are the ones that needed to be dressed up, think again as there are ones with bold colors and design that can actually add some flair to your looks. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, make your thong sandals a stylish accessory by matching it with the color of your tote bag while keeping your outfit in a different shade. This way, you’ll make thong sandals chic and comfortable for you.

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