How to Dress Like Olivia Pope

Scandal is one of the most watched shows on TV today and I know it’s not just because of the story line. How many of you out there are like me who love to watch shows not just because of the story but because of the characters as well, especially their outfits and costumes? If you love fashion, I’m pretty sure you love taking inspiration from just about anywhere, including TV shows and movies. One of the reasons why I love watching Scandal is because I love seeing what Olivia Pope has to wear next. She always looks so posh and prim, I wish I could cop her style and I know I’m not alone on this one as well so here’s a quick guide on how to dress like Olivia Pope.

  • Mix it up – Olivia’s style is classic which, let’s be honest here, can be a bore sometimes if you don’t spice it up. Olivia keeps her classic style fresh and fierce by always having something new to the mix and one of the things that she always does is to go for interesting and non-conventional shapes for the pieces she wears. Those palazzo-looking trousers she wore as part of her suit is just one of the best examples. Adding contrasting textures is also a great way to spice up your outfit and give your outfit more depth and dimension.

comfy tweed outerwear

olivia pope style

  • Wear fitting shoes – yes, most shoes are quite versatile and can be worn with anything but if you want to achieve Olivia Pope’s head to toe perfection, you have to have the right pair of shoes with the right set of clothes. You can make this easier by having an array of neutral shoes in your closet along with a few bright statement makers.

neutral color outfit chic femme fatale outfit

  • Find harmony in accessories – no, you don’t always have to wear everything from the same set but it would be nice if you could find a common thing or two with all the piece that you are wearing. Mixing gold with silver may be acceptable street style-wise but not when you’re aiming for an Olivia Pope look. Try a snakeskin clutch with snakeskin shoes combo. Totally harmonious but not to the point that it looks too matchy matchy and tacky.

cute belted coat gorgeous black and white gown white trench coat

  • Don’t forget the outerwear – Olivia Pope always has some sort of outerwear thrown over her outfit which makes the look even more effortlessly chic. Oversized coats, belted robes, capes, cocoon style coats and trench coats are just some of the things Olivia has worn as outerwear along with her outfit.

olivia pope cape robe style coat oversized houndstooth coat

  • Choose a soft and neutral color palette – one more thing you shouldn’t forget when trying to pull off an Olivia Pope is to stick to a soft and neutral palette. These colors will keep Olivia’s looks (and yours) feminine and chic. Steer clear of bright, bold, in-your-face funky colors.

simple but elegant outfit fabulous white hat white pea coat



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