How to Dress Like Fashion Editor with Christine Centenera

The fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Christine Centenera is known for her stylish outfits, having been photographed on her unique street style looks. Her outfits are so sexy and sophisticated keeping a keen eye for details and donning anything from studs and metal detailing to patent leather. Whether you wish for an architectural style of outfits or monochromatic dressing head-to-toe, keep on reading to get some style cues from Christine and learn how to dress like a fashion editor.

classic pumps with zipped dress and gray coat

collared dress with boots military top with silk pants and boots statement blazer with edgy outfit over the knee boots with wrap skirt and white shirt

Some women tend to dress depending on their moods in the morning, while some figured out their overall outfits a night before. When building your outfit for a day, you may want to start with one essential piece and work from there. According to Christine, she generally starts with one piece she wants to wear — mainly shoes — and builds from that. The Harper’s Bazaar’s fashion editor loves classic pumps and boots, for where she dresses up her structured dress with black classic pumps, and adds some edge with her military-inspired outfit with boots. For a sexy yet edgy style, resort to peep toe or cut-out style of boots in neutral shades keeping it elegant and chic for your fashion style.

corset belt with peasant blouse and architectural skirt military coat with classic pumps navy outfit with animal print shoes ruffled skirt with sexy blouse structured skirt with chiffon blouse

Fashion editors have a deep appreciation for art, architecture, and style mirrored in their street style outfits. Like Christine, you may think of building an architectural outfit with your structured ensembles with sharp edges like a tulip skirt, ruffled skirt, military coat, asymmetrical crop top, and even a sailor blazer. Pay attention to their architectural structures and silhouettes that look stiffer and more prominent. Wool fabrics and neoprene are stiffer over chiffon and lace that you may wish to go for. Christine is a fan of neutral shades that keeps her outfit classy and sophisticated.

abstract print dress with edgy boots graphic print top with peep toe boots printed blouse with wrap skirt printed pants with stuctured coat checkered outfit with structured blazer

Christine is also a fan of classic prints and patterns. Like her, you may think of mixing your plaid ensembles in different shades for a coordinated look, and just top your outfit with a structured blazer to give some polish to your style. Abstract prints and patterns can be great too as long as you wear them with muted and neutral shades like Christine always does. This way, you’ll keep the statement bold and clear without interfering to other flashy shades and loud prints.

denim jumpsuit with pumps white pants with white coat winter white outfit green coat with green dress and mustard boots

Christine knows how to dress monochromatically in an interesting and stylish way. Whether she does unexpected layers in a one shade of color, or contrast fabrics in similar hues, the outcome of her outfit always looks polished and sleek. Like her, you may layer a coat that is one shade darker than your dress and pair it with a complementary shade of your boots. Adding a hint of gray or metallic silver on your all-white outfit looks great too without compromising your monochromatic theme.

Christine-Centenera layered outfit Christine-Centenera street style outfit dress with metallic leggings and lace up heels maxi dress with pants and peep toe boots tuxedo blazer with tulip skirt

Show off your artistic side with unexpected layers like Christine did. A coat with a dress may be enough, but the fashion editor made her outfit more stylish by wearing a pair of metallic leggings and lace-up heels with it. If you think a maxi dress is enough, Christine made her outfit creative by wearing a pair of flared pants with it. Indeed, fashion editors are ones with unique sense of styles and creative looks that worth a glance. So, be inspired by Christine and dress like a fashion editor.

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