How to Dress if You’re Tall

If you were blessed with the gene for height, you might be tempted to dress quietly and conservatively to blend into the crowd. But, taking advantage of your height is the best course to take. All you need a few ideas to look like a leggy runway model, instead of a frumpy version of a tree trunk. Keep on scrolling to go in armed with some knowledge of what clothes work best for your height and style yourself like a pro.

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lace top with white slacks and heels red lace dress with nude heels

Tall women in fact, can wear the trendiest clothes as designer runway creations featured their collections with the tallest runway models. Know your body type and embrace your height before thinking of hiding in a bunch of layers. Know what your figure whether it’s pear shaped, full bust, large hips, or straight head-to-toe as tall women’s clothes must be tailored to fit at the waist and bust properly. The key is to use women’s clothing tricks to conceal the bad and celebrate the good. For instance, monochromatic clothing is slimming while A-line skirts and V-necks minimize wide hips.

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Speaking of shoes, flats are not your only option so dare to wear heels. Heels seem to add confidence, sex and status to any outfit, and they’re just another way to keep those mile-long legs going. It doesn’t matter if you prefer stilettos or wedge boots as long as you choose beautiful shoes that deserve to be stared at and you are grateful enough to own your height. You may want to indulge in big and bold accessories to that can add interest to your look in a moderate way. Invest in waist-cinching belts to give the illusion of an hourglass figure. But, avoid piling on everything from necklaces, belts, bracelets, hats, and scarves together. If you wear your height as an accessory, you don’t have to add much to your look.

navy coat with jeans skinny jeans with statement top white V neck top with black slacks

Focus on tailoring and fit first as tall women usually must adjust for long torsos and long legs. If you shy away from wide-legged pants as it makes you look manly, just make sure to pair it with a tight top as long as you only wear one oversized item at a time. On the other hand, pairing skinny jeans with a loose or oversized top gives a pulled-together look in the same way. And the best thing about skinny jeans is you can doll them up or worn them casually so you can’t find a reason to complain.

crop top with high waist skirt shorts with loose shirt white low back jumpsuit nicole warne in sexy black dress

Since you’ve got a lot of skin on your long body, you might use it to your advantage by showing some skin. The trick is to play up with your outfit cuts, necklines, and styles by showing off one area at a time. When getting ready for a night out, choose interesting necklines that show the long expanse of your neck and your extra décolletage that attract the eye. If you wish a backless style, go for a conservative jumpsuit or dress that will keep the rest of your body covered.

classic maxidress white dress with gold belt white top with pastel maxiskirt and gray shawl cute sundress with heels

Embrace the maxi dress and maxi skirts that will definitely look great on you. If you don’t want to emphasize your tall height, you may wear dresses or skirts that fall right above the knee that give you a more lean appearance and sexy look too.

black top with checkered skirt checkered coat with black outfit striped skirt with corset top and coat red coat with white dress plaid outfit with chic shirt

Color and prints add interest to an outfit without adding too many accessories. There’s no shame in putting your best assets forward as color and prints can also draw attention to them like wearing a bright belt to show off your slender waist or wear a horizontal striped skirt to highlight your hips. You may also try wearing different colors on the top and bottom halves of your body to break up your height.

Since your height is already your greatest accessory, keep things simple. Just choose clothes that flatter you as well as colors and prints that look great on you. This way, you’re making a statement not only because of your great height but also of your great style.

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