How to Dress for a First Date

Deciding how to dress for a first date can be difficult since your personal style determines the type of person that you’re going to attract as well as the image you’ll portray. Remember the fine line between sexy and slutty, so leave a little up to the imagination. Whether you want to appear smart, feminine, innocent, or powerful, the following fashion tricks will help you on dressing for a first date to your advantage.

first date outfit

little black dress with classic pumps pastel blue maxidress pastel pink date outfit

If you’ve already planned the date’s activity, then dress right for the occasion. Avoid overdressing or underdressing for the occasion by knowing what sort of clothes will be appropriate. If you’re unsure how fancy the restaurant is, then check out the menu online as the type of food is usually a good indication of the general dress code. Choosing clothes that make you feel at your best, confident, and comfortable is the first thing to keep in mind. You may wear decent dresses and skirts on a dinner date and avoid looking too vampy or flirtatious on a first date. Since you don’t really know each other well romantically, being suggestive on a first date can cause your date to relegate you to the one-night date rather than treating you as a serious long-term prospect.

black lace dress chiffon blouse with pleated skirt pink crop top with maxi skirt ruffled top with red skirt

On a first date, you’re typically looking to make a good impression so that the other person will wish to continue to get to know you. So, your first date is the best time to show off your femininity. Look for feminine details like ruffles and lace as well as pussy bow blouses, flowy tops, and feminine shirts. It’s not the time to show how fierce, brave, and smart you are, but a modest and feminine like nature are the great features you may show off.

color blocked dress cute bag with pastel outfit pink top with ombre skirt

Wear a color that brings out the very best in you rather than your favorite color. You can use colors to flatter and set off your build without compromising fit. Dark colors conceal, so wear something darker on an area if you’re self-conscious about it. Light colors highlight, so use them to play up your favorite part of your figure. Men are searching for a feminine complement to their masculinity like someone they can treat like a lady so they can feel like a man. Though professional women love to dress in black, brown, and gray because these shades are slimming, pastels will do a lot for your womanly look.

chevron print dress cute blouse with orange pants plaid dress with pink bag cute floral dress

You may show off your creativity by wearing colorful and feminine prints. Skip those abstract, funky, and novelty prints and stick to classic ones like stripes, floral, checks, chevron, plaids and such. Remember that your clothes say a lot about you especially on your personality and uniqueness. While you probably don’t want to overwhelm your date for your first date, making sure that you have a flare of uniqueness will inspire them remember the date well and be more interested in getting to know more about you.

printed dress with white jeans pastel blue outfit classic top with skinny pants casual shirt with khaki pants

For a low-key date like going to the local sideshow and taking rides, going on a hiking date, going on a picnic, or going for coffee, wear some nice set of clothes than you normally wear. Instead of wearing just a basic tee with your jeans, you may reach for feminine tops that are a little fancier than normal. Always wear a fail-safe outfit that you know makes you look and feel great so it’s not the time to break in those stilettos.

By all means, allow for your personality to shine through as if you feel you’re a deserving woman who deserves a great man. You’ll never know if your first date may be your last, so make sure your first impression is a great one every time.


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