How to Dress Avant-Garde on Your Street Style

Considered to be the most extravagant and excessively eye-catching looks, avant-garde styles require originality, courage, and bold confidence to pull-off. It includes experimenting with fabrics, opting for opposing silhouettes, varying thickness, and even clashing colors. Looking for flabbergasting ways to wear avant-garde fashion while staying true to your personality? Keep on reading for our fashionable ideas to create different and unique looks.

Get glamorous with gold.

all black outfit with gold jewelry

peplum top with gold belt and necklace iconic outfit with glamorous gold accessories avant garde outfit with statement heels avant garde outfit with gold haute couture accessories avant garde black dress with gold belt and lace up heels

One of the main tools for putting the avant-garde idea into motion is through accessories, being the perfect source for using your imagination, and for bringing your creative solutions to life. For a luxurious statement, stick to black on your outfit and a handful pick of glamorous gold jewelry. If you’re looking for a wearable avant-garde look that can easily be dressed up or dressed down, think of a monochromatic outfit or even a black jumpsuit that can be spiced up with glamorous gold jewelry of your choice. Haute couture gold earrings, wide gold belts, gold shoes, chunky chain necklace, gold cuffs, and even clutches with gold trims are perfect to look avant-garde yet glamorous on your street style. Using some metallic elements and details like oversized buttons may be a good idea, too.

Play with exaggerated ruffles.

avant garde outfit with clutch avant garde white ruffled dress with winged sandals

Girly, chic, and feminine, exaggerated ruffles can be a means to get avant-garde on your stret style while keeping it playful and romantic. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may think of a white dress with voluminous fabric and exaggerated ruffles that will look perfect with a pair of winged sandals. Whether you’re going to a party or a semi-formal occasion, this style will surely make your style appropriate. Also, attending Fashion Weeks with this kind of avant-garde statement will keep your looks ladylike with an edge.

Be eclectic on eccentric details.

avant garde top with skinny pants avant-garde top with pink skirt avant-garde dress avant-garde dress with boots

Made of the expressive and eye-catching shapes and elements, eclectic looks feature materials varying from paper to metal or patchwork fabrics to refined ones. Also this concerns the colors, which can be created in the most diverse and catchy color combinations that are traditionally seen in multi-layered looks, ripped fabrics, eccentric structures, and eclectic details. This style can suit you if you’re not a fan of ladylike looks that are meant to highlight womanly curves as this avant-garde look has the tendency to hide your best assets and look statement-making in an unconventional way.

Look chic with modern cuts and structure.

chiffon black pants women tuxedo with striped pants fringed dress with ankle strap sandals

Whether you’re a fan of exaggerated cuts or sheer fabrics, this avant-garde look may look sexy, chic, and alluring depending on how you’re going to wear them. Like fashion blogger Ndoema, you may think of a sheer lace matching set with the goal of showcasing your lean legs and sexy shoulders through its see-through fabrics. Also, you may think of a plunging neckline to team with your modern pants. Looking for a tamed yet sexy look, go for a dress with plunging top yet with exaggerated frills as a bold statement.

Be covered with multiple layers.

layered coats with boots cute clutch bag with monochromatic outfit contrasting color coat and pants

When wearing multiple layers, the only thing you need to have is a good eye for color combinations and design pairs, so you’ll avoid seeming foolish on your street looks. However, this style presupposes the craziest combinations, from matching silk pants silk robes, or an overly structured coat with a voluminous skirt.

With our fashion tricks, you can now wear the best avant-garde look that flatters your personality while making a bold statement on the streets.

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