How to Do the Street Style Punk Look

The punk look is something that catches my eye to no end. It’s not something that I wear just because I’m not entirely sure that I can pull it off but I always love seeing the style on women who can carry the look with such style. Even if you’re not a punk girl yourself, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy trying the look out on days when you want to veer away from your usual style and into something new. Check out there tips on how to do the street style punk look.

  • GO BLACK FROM HEAD TO TOE – one of the easiest ways to go punk is to don a black outfit from head to toe. Black has always been associated with certain style including rock and roll, goth and of course punk. If you’re not ready to take the plunge into the punk scene, you can always ‘test the waters’ by going all black first and then adding a few accessories like buckles and studs.

head to toe black with parka

simple punk look cool punk look

  • WEAR A LEATHER JACKET – another easy way to have that punk-ish vibe to your look is to top off your outfit with a cool and edgy leather jacket. A leather jacket is something that you should definitely considered investing in, punk or not, because it’s quite versatile and can be used with a number of other styles and looks as well including really girly ones.

girly punk look leather jacket denim shirt and leggings leather jacket and plaid skirt

  • CREATE STARK CONTRAST – if you take a good look at most punk looks, you’ll notice that if it’s not an all black outfit, it’s often a mixture of very light and very dark colors. You can achieve this by wearing combining such colors and making sure there’s perfect balance throughout your outfit. Also, feel free to use more than one color in your look. One of the most popular color combos for the street style punk look includes red, black and white.

black and white outfit with ombre hair plaid overalls and white shirt black red and white outfit

  • GRAPHIC ROCKER SHIRT – don’t feel like going too dark today but still want to get a bit of that hint of punk in your outfit? You can do that by wearing a graphic rocker shirt instead. Go through your older brother’s closet for some vintage rock band shirts or maybe sport one of your own from your favorite band.

simple punk street style look ramones tshirt and shorts morrisey tshirt outfit

  • PULL IT ALL TOGETHER WITH HAIR AND MAKEUP – lastly, if you really want the full shebang, you should do your hair and makeup punk style. If a lady Mohawk isn’t an option for you, you can go for a fauxhawk instead. Simply dying your hair a rad color would be great, too. Makeup should be light but dark – light on the amount and number of products used but dark on the colors.

black leather jacket outfit punk street style fashion signature punk look

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