How to do the Boho Chic Look for Fall

The Boho chic look is something you can wear all year long. With just a little bit of tweaking, this look can take you from warm weather to cold seasons with ease. A lot of women look the Boho chic look because of one thing: it’s easy to pull off. Of course, you’d first have to understand what the style is all about and once you do, you can put together outfits themed around this look effortlessly. If you’re looking for ideas on how to do the Boho chic look for fall, check out the list of tips we’ve compiled below.

  • Layer up – one of the things that define the Boho look is the presence of layers and what better time to go all out on layering than this fall, right? Instead of sporting one thick and heavy piece, go for two or three thinner items and layer them on top of one another to create a bit of volume and some dimension to your look. Choose the topmost layer / your outerwear and make sure it’s flowy so you still get lots of natural movement in your look.

layered fall boho look

layered cozy boho look layers for fall boho chic

  • Use earthy colors – the Boho chic look is all about connecting to nature and one really good way to have that show up in your look is to use earthy colors which is perfect because earthy colors are very fall-friendly as well. Another great thing about earthy colors is that most of them are quite neutral as well, making it easier for you to mix and match them with other colors if you want a bit more of that in your look.

earthy fall colors earthy color outfit for fall earthy neutral colors

  • Sport some fringe – fringed clothes and accessories used to be worn only during the summer but this year, fringe is one of fall’s hottest trends. This is great news for the fashionistas on a budget since they can stretch their fringed pieces and really get the most wear out of them. Fringes, also, are essential in creating the Boho chic look. It adds movement and flare to the Boho chic look. If you’re not comfortable wearing fringe on your clothes, you can always wear fringed accessories instead.

fringe fall accessories fringe skirt boho look fringed boots outfit

  • Mix and modernize – Boho chic looks often include (maxi) dresses and skirts but we all know that fall can sometimes get real chilly, making it hard to walk around comfortably in skirts and dresses so instead of sacrificing warmth and comfort, why not mix it up and add a modern touch to your Boho look instead? Go ahead and wear jeans if they’re what makes you comfy then top off your outfit with a maxi cardigan instead so you still get that easy, laidback Boho vibe.

modern boho look modern boho styke modern boho chic outfit

  • Go for a slouchy silhouette – as implied above, the Boho look is all about look easy , laidback and relaxed so anything that restricts movement is a big no-no. Go for the slouchy yet chic look and choose to wear pieces that are a little less fitted and a bit loose, not totally baggy, shabby or sloppy.

slouchy modern boho look slouchy boho silhouette slouchy boho chic look with jeans

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