How to Deal with Greasy Hair in a Jiffy

Of all things that could happen to hair, greasy hair is what I despise the most. Not only does it feel (and sometimes even smell) gross, it looks the part, too! Greasy hair can happen because of a lot of things. You could have a naturally oily scalp, you could be living in a humid area or you could have, maybe, just skipped a few days without washing your mane. Whatever the reason is, I’m sure you’ll want to get rid of it right away so here are some tips on how to deal with greasy hair in a jiffy.

  • USE DRY SHAMPOO – dry shampoo is one of the fastest way to get rid of greasy hair. You can get dry shampoo from your local drug store or beauty supply store and they’re quite inexpensive, too. My favorite brand is Batiste because I find that it gets the job done real well and it smells super nice, too! If you have dark hair, make sure to use a dry shampoo that’s made for dark hair. Regular dry shampoo might leave light specs and flecks on your hair which is not a very pleasant sight.

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  • USE CLARIFYING SHAMPOO – sometimes, hair becomes greasy because of product buildup, too. If you style your hair every day with styling products, make sure to use clarifying shampoo at least twice a month (once every two weeks) to remove traces of oil.

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  • USE AN OIL-ABSORBING POWDER – if dry shampoo isn’t as accessible to you as it is to some, you can always try alternatives. One great alternative for dry shampoo when it comes to dealing with greasy hair is powder. Cornstarch and baby powder works incredibly well for lighter colored hair while cocoa powder is amazing for darker hair colors.

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  • AVOID CONDITIONING THE ROOTS – aside from it is unnecessary, it also contributes to getting oily / greasy hair. When washing your hair, focus on your roots when you shampoo and on your ends when you condition so that the conditioner doesn’t add up to the existing build up you might already have.

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  • AVOID TOUCHING YOUR HAIR – the last tip we have for you on how to deal with greasy hair is to avoid touching it. And that includes brushing and styling, too! This is because the more you touch your hair, the more the oils tend to shift around, making your hair go from greasy to greasier in just seconds.

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