How to Create Waist Definition without a Belt

Having a defined waist will make you look sexier and more feminine regardless of what outfit you’re wearing. Though wearing a belt may be the simplest way to highlight your waist definition, it sometimes feels uncomfortable. So, keep on reading for our stylish tricks to create waist definition without a belt.

Opt for a silhouette that highlights your waist.


fitted-dress-with-black-tights-and-fall-boots bodycon-water-inspired-dress

If you wish to look feminine in a dress, avoid shift styles that will only hide your womanly curves. Fit-and-flare dress, sheath dress, body-con dress and such are some of the figure-flattering silhouettes you may go for. If you’re aiming for a flirty look, draw inspiration from fashion blogger Darya Kamalova, wearing a form-fitting dress with water-inspired details and cute sunglasses. If bodycon dresses feel so tight for you, go for a free-flowing dress with a defined waist like high-low styles or even shirt dresses with a slim waist.

Embrace high waist bottoms to look slimmer and taller.

high-waist-miniskirt-with-fall-boots high-waist-skirt-with-floral-print-blouse high-waist-shorts-with-loose-top

Whether you’re long waist or short waist, high-rise bottoms will highlight your slim waist effortlessly. Like fashion blogger Louise Ebel, make your fall outfits season-appropriate with a chic top tucked into a high-waist bottom and teamed with tall boots. If you have a slim frame where form-fitting tops will only highlight your lean frame, think of a free-flowing or loose top that you can tuck into your high-waist shorts like fashion blogger Noor de Groot did. This way, you can add some volume to your upper half without losing your waist definition.

Show off your midriff with sexy crop tops.

crop-top-with-camo-jacket-and-boots crop-top-with-plaid-shirt crop-top-with-leather-boxer-short

Whether you wish for a casual or dressy style, crop tops are there to compliment your looks. Like fashion blogger Nika Huk, stay casual cool with a crop top teamed with leather boxer shorts and heels. If you think that’s too dressy for you, go for a black coat a plaid shirt that you can wrap around your waist for an effortlessly cool grunge look like fashion blogger Lisa Olsson did. Looking for a casual and relaxed statement? Be inspired by Anjelica Blick’s outfit of a boxy crop top with oversized camouflage-print jacket and tall boots. This way, you’ll make those crop tops work for your personality and lifestyle.

Create an illusion of a slim waist with open jackets, blazers, or coats.

striped-blazer-with-black-pants jacket-with-printed-dress-and-fall-boots jacket-with-checkered-pants

If you’re not a fan of revealing clothes, look slimmer with your chic toppers. Like fashion blogger Darya Kamalova, look season-inspired with layered outfits, but leave your topper open to create an illusion of a slimmer waist. Or, resort to a vertical striped blazer that will add some slimmer illusion to your midriff while looking creative and fashionable. With our styling tricks, you’ll be able to look fashion-forward and feminine without wearing a waist-cinching belt.

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