How to Brighten Up Your Winter Looks

Winter is the time when we tend to gravitate towards darker colored clothing and this has got to do with us wanting to keep warm. Now, if you’re someone who loves fashion this could be either a really great time for you (if you like sporting the chic and sleek look) or a not-so-good-one (if you’re all about colors and whatnot). However, it doesn’t have to be one or the other all the time. There are lots of things that you can do to make your usual winter outfit less dull and dark. Here are some tips on how to brighten up your winter looks that you can try out.

  • TRY THE WINTER WHITE TREND – the winter white trend is all the rage these days and this is a great alternative to an all-black look for those of you who are into wearing monochromatic outfits. It gives you that lighter, fresher vibe and it’s quite chic and sophisticated, too. You’ll want to wear the same shade of white all throughout your look to pull this one off but to keep it from being too boring you can play with the texture of the pieces you’ll be wearing.

winter white olivia palermo

winter white outfit jennifer lopez winter white outfit

  • PASTELS IN WINTER – I know it sounds cray but it’s on trend right now and everyone’s doing it so why not give it a shot? Soft pastel hues are great for creating a dainty, feminine look and they’re usually worn around spring time but it’s definitely one of the biggest winter fashion trends of today. Anchor it down it a darker color or add a dark print if you don’t feel like getting garbed up in pastel from head to toe.

pastel colors for winter pastel skirt an tan sweater pastel sweater and tutu

  • LIGHT NEUTRALS – another reason why we love black so much during winter (and any time of the year, really) is because it’s just so easy to wear. You can mix and match it with anything or keep it plain. Black isn’t the only color that’s easy to wear, though. If you’re looking for ways to brighten up your winter looks, you can go for lighter neutrals like taupe, tan, beige and more as well.

neutral brown outfit neutral light gray neutral winter outfit and denim jacket

  • POP SOME COLOR ON – if you’ve grown to embrace black and other dark hues during winter and are just looking for something simple and subtle to add to it to make it look less dreary, you can try adding a pop of color somewhere in your outfit. it could be a bright cami underneath a black blazer, a colorful scarf against a black jumper or maybe even your outerwear in your favorite color on top of your dark winter ensemble.

pop of bright pink pop of color coat pop of neon for winter

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