How to Add Color to Your Dark Fall Look

Dark colors always dominate the fashion scene whenever fall comes around and, if you’re like me who loves a bit of color in everything I see, you know how hard it is to not wear all the fun hues you have in your closet and while no one is actually stopping you to do that, the season, the weather and all things now are just compelling you to wear darker shades. If all these dark colors are starting to make your outfits look boring, check out these tips on how to add color to your dark fall look and make them more lively.

  • Wear a bright inner piece – if you’re layering your way to comfort this fall, having something bright, fun and colorful underneath that dark outerwear is always a nice idea to give your outfit a little pop of color. A shirt in a bold color, a cami with cute and colorful print on it, a bright vest – these are just some of the inner pieces you can wear in color to brighten up a dark outfit.

bright pink inner shirt

inner piece in bright yellow

  • Slip into a pair of bright shoes – if you don’t like the look of dark colors mixed with light / bright hues, you can always stick to dark colors on your clothes and slip into a pair of bright shoes to finish your outfit off. If you’re keeping the rest of your outfit plain and dark, don’t be afraid to go all out on sporting the brightest, loudest and boldest pair of shoes that you have to make it stand out.

black separates and neon shoes cute orange loafers navy suit and coral heels

  • Top it off with a cute hat – another really good way to have more color in your outfit is to top off your outfit with a cool hat in a vibrant color. This fall, ditch the black and gray beanies that have been sitting in your closet and wear something with a cute knit pattern instead. This will make your outfit less of a drab. You can also chic it up and wear something more fab than a beanie, like a fedora, a rancher or even a wide-brimmed floppy hat for a sophisticated look.

all black outfit and red beanie purple fedora

  • Pick a cute outerwear – layering is always finished off with a thick / chunky and warm outerwear that you can take off when indoors and if you’re looking for a versatile way to wear some color, picking out a cute outerwear is all you need to do. Wear it on top of any outfit, no matter how dark, plain or boring and see how it instantly lifts the outfit up and makes it look fab.

gorgeous blue outerwear cute pink coat bright purple cape

  • Sport striking accessories – lastly, if you’d rather have little pops of color everywhere in your outfit, the best way to go about it is to wear striking accessories. They don’t have to be from the same set or anything but do try to pick out ones that have something in common with all the others to come up with a cohesive look.

cute red purse orange accessories outfit posh red accessories

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