How to Add a Trendy Spin to Your Classics with Zanita Whittington

Classic style may be timeless, but it may look boring especially if you’re always wearing them in a traditional way. Zanita Whittington is a style blogger from Sydney, Australia known for her classic style with a mix of trendy touches, bohemian details, and modern silhouettes. If you’re looking for ways on how to add a trendy spin to your classics, keep on reading to scoop her tricks.

Wear your scarves in a trendy way.


silk-neck-scarf-with-striped-top-and-sailor-skirt puff-sleeved-midi-dress-with-belted-scarf

Scarves can be a classic staple, but their looks will depend on how you’re going to style them. Like Zanita, you may update your classic long sleeved top and pants with a skinny scarf that’s trendy and chic this fall season. Or, instead of the traditional scarf worn around the neck, belt it with your dress so you’ll update you classic look strategically. If you usually make use of a bandana scarf to wrap on your neck in a sailor-inspired style, opt for a silk scarf instead that look more classy yet trendy.

Stick to neutral and classic shades.


Classic style is known for elegant shades of black, white, camel, tan, beige, gray, navy and such that can be versatile enough to go well with anything. Though you may go for bright colors, it’s better to stick to jewel tones to keep your style classy and not flashy. Like Zanita, you may think of topping your all white outfit with a classic camel coat, but make it a bit trendy with a pair of sneakers. If you wish to wear a structured black coat, then make it trendy with a pair of cuffed jeans and edgy boots, perfect for the fall season.

Layer your classics in a trendy way.

black-coat-with-modern-classic-outfit sweater-and-jeans-with-coat cropped-jeans-with-long-sleeved-dress

This season is all about wearing trendy and creative layers to keep you stylish and warm. However, if your closet consists of basics and classic items, you don’t have to rush to a fashion store just to get fresh pieces. Instead, layer your classics in a trendy way. Like Zanita, think of wearing your classic black dress with your cropped jeans, which look trendy over skinny jeans and leggings that can update your classic style a bit.

 Incorporate trendy prints to your classic ensembles.

striped-top-with-navy-trumpet-skirt classic-heart-print-dress-with-classy-bag bohemian-lace-up-dress

Breton stripes may be the classic print you may go for, but opting for bohemian-inspired patterns and quirky prints can update your looks instantly. The key is to look for trendy prints in classic ensembles like coat, fit and flare dress, shirt dress, sweater, pencil skirt, A-line skirt and such. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to extend your classic wardrobe and add a trendy spin to your classics without going shopping.

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