How to Add a Pop of Yellow to Your Outfit

As an accent color, yellow is a vibrant color you don’t need much to give your outfit a pop or extra flair. We certainly need more tricks to wear yellow, as it is associated with a smile, joy, optimism and great times. The key to looking cool in yellow is making sure you wear the perfect shade of yellow for your skin tone. Yellow is commonly known in three shades — a pastel yellow, bright canary yellow, and mustard yellow. Here are some tricks to add a pop of yellow to your outfit for some eye-catching punch.

Pastel Yellow

Pastel yellow is one of the toughest shades to give a pop to your outfit. Because if you’re pale skinned, it can be unflattering that can even make you look washed out. Although it looks good on anybody with a medium tan skin tone, a pastel yellow outfit can also be too strong contrast for darker skin tones.

pastel yellow dress checkered

pastel yellow bag pastel yellow dress pastel yellow hat

Thankfully, accessories are always the exception to the principle. If you have black or dark brown hair, a pastel yellow headscarf or hat can look very nice and a pastel yellow bag or pair of shoes is one more trick you can’t miss. But if you’re more adventurous and want to go for detailed pastel yellow attire, it can be done still.

Canary Yellow

canary yellow jacket yellow jacket

Canary yellow is a color that worries many women, but in fact, looks impressive on everybody. The key is to contrast the color yellow with other shade, for which the color white is the perfect pick. If you are not afraid of bright yellow, it can look amazing on a coat as it keeps an otherwise neutral outfit from being dull.

2. yellow dress in a pastel blazer 2. yellow printed long skirtcanary yellow jeans

Yellow can be effortlessly worn as a top and looks splendid with neutral bottoms like dark jeans, white or black. If yellow is too strong for you, then opt for prints. You can lessen the impact of the yellow by teaming your yellow top with a dress coat in a more neutral shade. This will still give you the shine of yellow without overpowering you.

canary yellow bag yellow purse yellow shoes

If you are not too confident on being dressed in a dazzling color, then accessorizing is the way to go. It is a remarkable way to add color to your style. Just wear a yellow handbag, belt, shawl or necklace. This is by far the simplest trick to add a bit of yellow to your style and still get the advantages. Shoes can make a big statement to your outfit. Yellow shoes look stunning with neutral outfits.

Mustard Yellow

mustard yellow dress mustard yellow shawl mustard yellow top

Mustard yellow is the darker shade of yellow. It’s the easiest color to wear and looks great on formal silk dresses for parties and formal occasions. Also, mustard yellow is a cool shade on darker skin tones. If you want to wear a mustard yellow dress, picking a dark color as a wrap is an effective way to break the color up near your face. Wearing mustard shade shawl looks great too.

The yellow color looks resplendent against glowing skin and is perfect for energizing a neutral wardrobe with a shot of radiant color. Be exceptional by adding a pop of yellow to your outfit.



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