How to Accessorize a Plain White Shirt

A plain white shirt is a closet staple that I bet everyone has at least one of. It’s such a versatile piece and it’s one of those wardrobe pieces you can buy anytime, knowing that it would fit well into whatever your style is. It’s a piece that you can wear all-year round as well. It makes a great layering piece for more complex outfits but it looks just as chic when worn on its own to create simple and more minimalistic outfits. If you’re someone who constantly has very little time to prepare an outfit, being well stocked with an array of plain white shirts can be really handy. With these, you can create different looks simply by switching up what you wear the shirt with. Here are some ideas on how to accessorize a plain white shirt.

  • With a scarf – wearing a scarf is one of the easiest ways to accessorize a plain white shirt (and any other plain shirts, at that). Just pop one on and you’re good to go! If you want a look that’s easy and casual, just drape your scarf on and let it hang loose. If you want to dress up your plain white shirt, you can also do all sorts of fancy scarf tying tricks and techniques. Make sure to choose a scarf that’s appropriate for the weather. This summer, lightweight and colorful scarves are all the rage but you’ll have to switch to thicker and chunkier scarves come fall and winter.

colorful silk scarf

summer scarf and white shirt red scarf and white shirt

  • With a long necklace – aiming for the minimalistic look but don’t want your outfit to look too plain and boring? Since your color palette is limited to softer tones and neutral hues, you can make your outfits more interesting by adding accessories instead. A really cute way to accessorize a plain white shirt for a minimalistic look is to wear a nice, long and dainty necklace with it. It’ll give your outfit just the right touch of glam and elegance without taking away the simple minimalistic vibe.layered jewelry

long necklace with cute pendant long dainty necklacewhite top black maxi skirt whtie shirt and cute long necklace

  • With multiple layered necklaces – now, if you don’t mind going a little bolder, you can also do some stacking and wear your plain white shirt with multiple necklaces layered on top of each other. This accessorizing trick will give your plain white shirt that cool and edgy twist that it needs to keep it from looking boring and blah.

layered dainty necklace layered necklaces and white shirtlayered necklaces

  • With a chunky statement necklace – here’s another easy way to make a plain white shirt look cute and fabulous: wear a chunky statement necklace with it and pair it with your favorite bottoms to get a look that’s simple yet sophisticated. You can also take this chance to use your chunky necklace to add a pop of color to your plain white shirt outfit.

chunky necklace and plain white shirt chunky bead necklace colorful bead necklace

  • With layers – if you’re not a jewelry kind of girl, on the other hand, you can accessorize your plain white shirt by adding some layers instead. Try doing a preppy look with a nice vest or give your plain white shirt that nice hint of posh by wearing it with a blazer. You can also go for light cardigans if you’re wearing a plain white shirt on a cool summer night.

ombre fur gilet denim vest long floral vest and white shirt


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