How I clean my everyday makeup brushes

How I clean my  makeup brushes :
Hi, so I said in my last post that I would do a review on a product but i’m still not 100% sure what my feelings are towards it yet so i’m going to give it a bit longer until I make my mind up.
So I thought I would do a quick post on how I was my brush’s and how much I love doing it!set of cosmetic professional makeup brushes on white


As you can see above these are my everyday makeup brushes all washed and clean, ready to be used. I use a very simple way to clean my makeup brush’s, I run them under luke warm water and then scrub them on a bar of soap (one without perfumes) I personally use Simple and then rinse them back off. I repeat this step until my makeup brush runs clear water when I rinse it under the tap. You have to make sure that you dont get the top half of your brush wet, otherwise the glue with start to break away and your brush will fall apart. You don’t want this when you have paid good money for expensive brush’s.

How I clean my everyday makeup brushes1

How I clean my everyday makeup brushes2

After I have cleaned my brush’s I let them dry on a towel, I fold the towel once so the brush’s can be placed where the towel was folded and therefore be on a slant so the water will run outwards rather than drying them flat and break down the glue in the brush. I also place them over the edge of my window sill with the brush head not touching any surface, this prevents one side of the brush head from drying flat and becoming out of shape. It also helps the air ventilate through the brush head so they dry quicker!
I hope you enjoyed my quick post, and you all get as much pleasure as me when I know I have clean makeup brush’s to apply my makeup with!
If you have any other tips on how to get clean makeup brush’s let me know in the comment box below

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