Hot Hollywood Redheads Who Embody the Perfect #hairgoals

Red is hot, which makes redheads even hotter. If you’re thinking of rejuvenating your hair in this fiery color, then take inspiration from these hot Hollywood redheads who embody the perfect #hairgoals.

Amy Adams

With her deep strawberry blonde hue, Amy Adams proves to be one of the best Hollywood redheads for hair inspo. This versatile color can help you achieve the image of a vixen – or that of a girl-next-door. To achieve this look, ask your stylist to mix two red shades and to bathe your hair with your gloss for an outstanding sheen.

amy adams

amy adams hair

Nicole Kidman

If you’re looking for a lighter red color, then do try Nicole Kidman’s apricot blonde hair. As one of the original Hollywood redheads, Nicole never fails to stun with her light red hue. While this shade is more than stunning, it requires a lot of tender loving care, so be careful! Should you decide to follow in Nicole’s footsteps, then avoid using heated styling tools on a daily basis. This will lead to the untimely fading of your apricot blonde locks.

nicole kidman nicole kidman hair

Christina Hendricks

Christina is not only known for her voluptuous body. She has been touted as one of the hottest Hollywood redheads because of her sexy deep ginger hair. If you have fair skin, know that this is one of the best colors for you.

christina hendricks christina hendricks hair

Florence Welch

The lead singer of Florence and the Machine is a red hot singer with red hot hair. So if you want to achieve a look that will command the attention of many, then go for the bright hues of Hollywood redheads such as Florence.

florence welch hair florence welch

Julianne Moore

Wine gets better with time, and so does Julianne Moore. The 55-year-old actress is known for her velvet cinnamon hair, which has made her one of the finest Hollywood redheads since time immemorial. If your skin has yellow undertones, then Julianne’s hair color is perfect for you. To maintain its perfect look, visit your salon often for gloss reapplication.

julianne moore julianne moore hair

Ashley Greene

If you like a darker head of hair, then Ashley Greene is one of the Hollywood redheads that should inspire you. Although her locks are predominantly auburn, she has managed to give it a color kick with a hint of café au lait. Add some balayage highlights and you can achieve an exciting head of hair! Just make sure to have your highlights near the ends so as to create the image of sunlit locks.

ashley greene hair ashley greene

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