Hot Celebrity Tattoos

Sexy Tattoos of Female Celebrities

Define tattoo. We say it’s art on your skin.Since you body is already a wok of art, having a tattoo makes it even more of a masterpiece. it’s like an accessory but it clings on forever. Most celebrity tattoos, especially on women, are placed at the nape of the neck, the torso, the wrist, the ankle, the back, and chest. Mostly, it’s anywhere you can imagine. Stars got stars on their wrists. Some got ink on their feet. Rihanna has a tiny pistol inked on her back.  Nicole Richie’s ankle is decorated with a rosary tattoo. Angelina Jolie has ink on many parts of her body. Sometimes, celebs just have quotes that are important in their life inked on them. Demi Lovato has hers for a positive reminder when she’s feeling low.

When you’re off to get a tattoo,make sure it’s a professional who’ll be doing your ink. Before going there, have a clear idea of the design you want. Tattoo artists usually have a portfolio where you can choose some designs. Of course, the more unique the better. Don’t move too much while he’s inking you, or else he’ll do some corrections and you’ll be spending a few more minutes or hours waiting for him to finish.

Here are some celebrity tattoos you might have or might not have seen before:

1. Christina Aguilera labels the back of her neck.


2. Nicky Hilton displays her cross on her nape.


3. Rita Ora’s neck is ready to shoot an arrow.


4. Mena Suvari got her favorite words engraved.



5. Rihanna’s nape seems to be shooting stars down her back.


6. Scarlett Johansson shows a new tat.


7. Kate Moss anchors her arm permanently with some ink.


8. Mary J. Blige muscles up with a cross.


9. Nicole Richie. looks like the puse isn’t the only accessory by the wrist.


10. Demi Lovato’s ink makes her believe she can get back up and survive anything.


11. Jessica Alba reveals a tat.


12. Cintia Diker flaunts a diamond.


13. Rumer Willis sexifies her outfit by showing off her “be present”

14. Lana Del Rey sports a capital letter on her hand.


15. Alysson Hannigan walks with her sea animal hannigan