History of Whoo Whitening 3 pcs Gift Set Review

Hey All, Take a look at my new Whoo Whitening 3 pcs Gift Set Review.

First of all i would like to say only one thing these skin care products have became the love of my life!!!!! so it would be a very long and detailed review and trust me if there is any product out there worth a long review its this one!!

History of Whoo Whitening 3 pcs Gift Set Review

You can find this set and all history of whoo products at usacosmetics.com its a great website they have got alot of amazing korean brands and the customer service is great anyhow it retails for $200.00( approx 18000rs!!) I know, i know it is hell expensive but my friend sent me this as a gift so sahar if you are reading this thanks allot again 😀 i owe you for this one!! So onto my review again, this set includes a total of 10 products from the history of whoo’s SEOL line. Their are 3 full size products and rest of them are sample sizes, here is the complete list:

Whitening Skin Balancer: 130 ml ($65 value)
Whitening Lotion: 110 ml ($85 value)
Whitening Cream: 20 ml ($78 value)

7 samples:

Brightening Cleansing Foam: 40 ml (sample size)
Whitening Essence: 20 ml (sample size)
Whitening skin balancer: 20 ml (sample size)
Whitening Intensive: 4 ml (sample size)
Whitening lotion: 20ml (sample size)
Brightening Peel Off Mask: 30ml(sample size)
Brightening Base:6ml(sample size)

About the brand:

The history of whoo is a very luxurious, herbal based korean brand from LG. The history of whoo products are developed using secret beauty formula of the royal court and Gongjindiyan which is a very well known treasured skin perfecting formula created for emperors and empresses. They have got different lines for different skin related issues


Horns of deers, an asparagus, angelica, cornute formations, a wild thyme and a snow lotus … Now, it is not the recipe from the magical book of XVIII century is a structure of creams of the Korean mark The History of Whoo.
These cosmetics of a class lux are created on the basis of confidential old Chinese recipes of beauty, which members of imperial family used.
Masters of Korean cosmetic brand The History of Whoo have found this recipe and, having restored it by means of modern high technologies, have represented a line of exclusive cosmetics.
Creams update a structure of skin, restore its health, give brilliance to your face and give sensation of softness.
Except for favorable influence on the skin, the mix of rare components also stimulates circulation of vital energy.

Here are some ingredients whoo uses in their products 🙂

History of Whoo Whitening 3 pcs Gift Set Products

Whitening Skin Balancer:
Exotic oriental medicine base chilhyang palbaeskan ingredients and gamgusksu, a simmered and cold-processed wild chrysanthemum essence, are absorbed deep into the skin to make skin as clean and clear as a white gem. It enhances the effectiveness of skin products used in subsequent steps.

History of Whoo Whitening 3 pcs Gift Set Shape

My opinion: Its a toner basically and it has got Chilhyang palbaeksan and wild chrysanthemum extract which produce a whitening synergy. It has a very light texture and it gives a very cooling & refreshing effect to my skin.

Whitening Lotion:
Wild chrysanthemum extract, an active whitening ingredient and Chilhyang palbaeksan produce a whitening synergy. Whitening lotion helps keep the skin clean and transparent with a refreshed sensation. It goes on lightly & gently, is rapidly absorbed and leaves no stickiness or dryness only moisturization and smoothness.

History of Whoo Whitening 3 pcs Gift Set Style

My opinion:
It is a very very light textured lotion which absorbs into the skin very fast it really hydrates and moisturises my skin and like it says it does not leaves any sticky feeling it has got a strong herbal type smell i personally like its smell.

Whitening Cream:
With a texture as smooth as fresh cream, the product goes on gently and delicately. Whitening cream also keeps the skin moisturised for a long time. As soon as it is applied, it gives a powdery feel and brightens the skin with special smoothness that lasts into next day.

History of Whoo Whitening 3 pcs Gift Set Attractive

My opinion:
This is definitely a MUST have for me its the most amazing product i have ever used! as soon as i apply it makes my skin so bright and glowy. It moisturises my skin really well and absorbs very quickly giving my skin almost a satiny feel it makes my skin super smooth..

Whitening Essence:
Highly concentrated Wild chrysanthemum extract, penetrates deeply into the skin to add clarity to the complextion, while a rich concentration of Chilhyang palbaeksan moisturises the skin.

History of Whoo Whitening 3 pcs Gift Set Shine

My opinion:
This is another MUST have for me. When you use it with the other products it literally takes them to a whole new level.

Brightening Peel Off Mask:
A snow-white herb extract face pack that makes dry and un even skin moist and smooth to facilitate and speed the absorption of other products. The pack goes on gently and comes off easily after it dries.

History of Whoo Whitening 3 pcs Gift Set Bright

My opinion:
It is very easy to apply and comes off really easily, it really does leave me with a really nice, smooth & brighter complexion.

Brightening Cleansing Foam:

A snow-white herb that adds transparency to your skin. While the rich and fine foam of the water-soluble cleanser thoroughly removes impurities and sebum even from the skin pores.

My opinion:
Another MUST have! After using this face wash for just a week my skin felt soft, even toned and bright.

Brightening Base:

History of Whoo Whitening 3 pcs Gift Set

I couldn’t find description for this one i think its discontinued because there is another one very similar to this except that one had got a high SPF which is a plus point as it didn’t have any SPF factor anyway i thing it is the most amazing makeup base/primer i have ever used it really brightens and smooths out my skin and my foundations blends in more nicely with this. It has got a little color but its really very sheer.


These products definitely work although i have already got a very pale complexion but it still made my skin tone really bright and translucent. My skin is literally glowing after using these products so if there is anyone who want to have a beautiful, even toned, glowy, brighter complexion i would HUGELY recommend these products. Honestly i cannot rave enough about this product! i love love LOVE these products!!!! i know its very expensive but these products definitely worth your every penny!!


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