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High Street Make Up Brushes: Yes or No?

Unlike a large proportion of the beauty blogging/vlogging world, I am not that obsessed with make up brushes (yet) but I think it’s getting obvious that I like make up to my family, because I received these brushes for Christmas. I’m 99% sure they are from a supermarket, regardless, they are obviously not branded or high end.

1 High Street Make Up Brushes

2 Make Up Brushes high street 3 brushes set by high street

I was unsure about these brushes at first because after reading the masses of posts praising branded brushes I was convinced they would be terrible, but they’re surprisingly not. I have used every brush apart from the ‘Eye Smudge’ and the ‘Brow Comb’ because I find no use for them. Every brush apart from the ‘Foundation Brush’ has been great, I personally find flat foundation brushes so hard to use and like and find they hold the foundation in the brush rather than transport it onto my skin and they are very hard to keep clean, just not a fan.
The characteristics of the brushes themselves are great. They are all super fluffy and soft, which you’d think wouldn’t be the case on such cheap brushes. Although I’m not completely sold on cheaper products over expensive ones on the quality I still think they are good enough to use if you are on a budget. There can often be a pressure that without good brushes, your make up won’t be good but I don’t think that’s the case. Although these brushes are cheap and soft, they obviously won’t last as long as more expensive, branded brushes. But for me, for now, they’ll suffice.
They look professional enough for me, the plain black brush handle with light fluffy bristles is enough for me to enjoy using and looking at them so, what’s the difference?
Should all make up brushes need to be branded to be decent?