High Street Hotlist The Best Of The Sales

Whenever I think of sales shopping I immediately imagine the scene in Confessions of a Shopaholic when Rebecca Bloomwood has a fight with another shopper for a pair of boots. Sales shopping is never going to be a luxurious and relaxed event, what with the endless searching through the crowded and unorganised rails for your size and the impatient waiting next to another shopper who seems to be hogging the same spot for a zillion years, so I often find myself giving up in sales season and walking out of the shop with my tail between my legs towards the nearest Primark and its all-year-round low prices. However sale shopping on the internet is a totally different matter, and whilst shipping costs are a pain in the butt, being able to browse on the comfort of the sofa with a bar of galaxy by my side and easily discover if my size is in stock by the click of a button is highly appealing.High-Street-Hotlist-The-Best-Of-The-Sales
When sales shopping I think it’s of prime importance to shop with a list so that you don’t make unnecessary, ‘spare of the moment’ purchases which you won’t ever wear, as well as accepting that you have to leave something behind if you love it but it isn’t in the size you would usually choose. Sales are always going to be hit and miss, but I’ve found that four of the hottest highstreet stores have some beautiful choices this time round, so I thought I’d share my favourites with you (I haven’t ordered anything yet, but the fuchsia H&M trousers are pulling on my heart strings pretty tightly!!)
(1) White Floral Dress: £12 ~ (2) Cream and Silver Zigzag Sequin Shorts: £12 ~ (3) Pink Ice Cream Jumper: £10 ~ (4) Coral Peplum Blouse: £8  ~ (5) Shell Pink Floral Lace Playsuit: £10
High Street Hotlist The Best Of The Sales1
(1) Monochrome Stripe Pencil Skirt: £15 ~ (2) Knitted Fluro Weave Jumper: £10 ~ (3) Nude Tailored Trousers: £20 ~ (4) Bright Blue Lace Skater Skirt: £20
High Street Hotlist The Best Of The Sales2
(1) Mickey Mouse Jumper: £12 ~ (2) Tribal Print Peter Pan Collar Dress: £15 ~ (3) Geometric Print Jumpsuit: £25 ~ (4) Casual Brown Trousers: £15 ~ (5) Polka Dot Tunic: £15

High Street Hotlist The Best Of The Sales3

(1) Fuchsia Pink Tailored Trousers: £7 ~ (2) Monochrome Tailored Trousers: £7 ~ (3) Khaki Skirt: £12 ~ (4)Pink Blouse: £10 ~ (5) Statement Dress: £10

Which is your favourite? I’d love to hear about any bargains you’ve found in the sales lately 🙂


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