High Heel Hacks to Keep your Feet Comfy

High heels always give you that sexy confidence which is why a lot of women keep wearing it despite the fact that they can strain the feet and make them ache really bad afterwards. If you’re a petite woman, I’m pretty sure you’re always constantly struggling with the battle between picking comfort or style (and height boost, of course!). If you love wearing heels but can’t stand how nasty they make your feet feel after a long day, check out these high heel hacks to keep your feet comfy.


  • Break-in tips – you may have already heard about breaking in new shoes, especially heels, to make them feel more comfortable but in case you haven’t, it’s basically just walking in your shoes all day at home (some even recommend sleeping in them) to loosen it up and make them feel more comfy. One tip that’s going to make breaking in even more efficient is to wear socks while breaking heels in and gently using a blow dryer on areas that feel tight. The heat is going to help loose up those areas more.

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  • Shop for shoes in the PM – if you’re going out on an all day shopping trip with your friends, don’t make the shoe sale your first destination in the morning. Instead, leave it out and do some shoe shopping in the afternoon or at night. This is because your feet expands/swells throughout the day and what may seem like a perfect fit in the morning might be something you’ll have to squeeze your feet into later on.

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  • The chunkier, the comfier – those sleek and slinky stilettos with stick-thin heels may look so worthy of a place in your shoe collection but if you’re looking for a comfy pair, it’s better to stay away with these and go for ones with chunky heels instead. The chunkier the heel, the more comfortable it is going to be walking around in them.

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  • Get high on comfort – if you’re looking for shoes to wear with a fancy dress, on the other hand, and those thin heels are your only option then go for a pair that has platforms. The platforms will help so your foot isn’t as arched as it would be without them and the less arched your feet are, the easier and less painful it’s going to be.

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  • Forget about wooden wedges – sure, wedges are more comfy and more practical than heels when it comes to everyday use and the wooden ones are a lot sturdier than their rubber counterpart but wooden wedges aren’t exactly made for comfort. Wooden wedges aren’t as flexible so aside from the fact that they don’t provide that soft and comfy cushion for your feet, they can’t adopt well to uneven surfaces as well making it hard for you to walk.

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  • Invest in insole gel cushions – if you have no choice but to wear heels everyday (for work or what not), invest in good quality gel cushions to help your feet feel more comfy. The soft pads on your insoles will take some of the pressure off the balls of your feet so they don’t hurt as much.

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