Her Fashion Box review

Her Fashion Box  “trendy” review :

This was the second box from the company Her Fashion Box and I was a little unsure as to whether I would do this post or not. I understand that it is a new company and it can be difficult when starting a company but I wasn’t impressed at this box one bit.Her Fashion Box
For those of you unfamiliar Her Fashion Box provide a subscription service for $39.95 you get a box of deluxe samples and a fashion accessory. That’s another reason that I decided to do this post – it’s a more expensive service and people should be made aware of what they’re paying for and be able to decide if it’s really worth the money.
You can also choose between Trendy, Classic and Feminine for the style of the accessory included. I am subscribed as ‘Trendy’.
The beauty samples: Her Fashion Box review
First off can I just say in Australia WE’RE GOING INTO WINTER. I don’t know about you but I do not fake tan (unless I have a wedding) during winter and shaving my legs lessens. I do not understand why they would send this products! I think that’s what is good about Bellabox – at least there is always a theme.
Bondi Sands Tanning Mitt and Tanning Foam 
I will use this – next summer! Ridiculous. I am actually really happy to see some Australian brands include.
Schick Hydro Silk
I will get use out of this but I’m not impressed that it was included.
Model Co Lip Duo and Eyeliner 
This is where I was extremely disappointed. I got these both free with a magazine that cost me $6. The quality of Model Co make up, from my experience, is extremely poor. I think it’s good that they’re full size but these will be going in the bin.
The fashion bit: Her Fashion Box bracelet
They claim that this retails for about $40. I don’t think so. The studs are loose and I could pull them off. This is also so big I could fit it right up too my elbow and it wasn’t tight. It would slip off if I tried to wear it – which I won’t. I wouldn’t pay $5 for this.
Do I think Her Fashion Box is worth the steep $39.95 a month? No way. I would look at Bellabox or Lust Have It because I know that I’ve received boxes from both that have been equal to this value. I like the concept of having a range of products but I do not think it’s worth the $40 a month.
I have unsubscribed.
What do you think? What you pay $39.95 a month for the contents?

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