Hei Poa Traditional Monoi Oil in Vanilla

Body oils are another love of mine and natural products are a firm preference. I am always on the lookout for a new and better body lotion to keep my skin well hydrated and young looking. When myKorres Vanilla Cinnamon Body Milk ran out I had to get something else quickly but I always want to try something different.

I turned to Hei Poa as I noticed that their oils were multi-purpose for the body and hair, when you receive the bottle the oil is in a solid state at room temperature so some heat by dipping it into warm water will help to return it back to normal.
Hei Poa Traditional Monoi Oil in Vanilla
I always keep this in the shower with me just at my feet to turn it to its oil form, once I am done I take it out of the shower, dry myself then start rubbing it in. This isn’t what I expected of a body oil, its not easily spreadable so one tip onto my hand will only do my forearm. It takes a little bit more work and it tends to go down quickly. Once applied it feels gorgeous on the skin, so silky soft and the smell is a great bonus, I love vanilla but the floral notes from the Tiare flower blossoms seem to make it smell quite… fake? I might chose a different fragrance the next time, possibly the Frangipani one.
This oil moisturises very well and lasts into the evening, I still find that some days I need to apply again at night, but I really don’t mind because the benefits in the morning are worth it as my skin just feels baby soft and supple. Monoi oil is extremely good as an after sun moisturiser as it deepens your tan and helps to keep it for longer. When we actually had a few weeks of good weather in April I used this and it worked wonderfully, it soothed and calmed down Tommy’s slight sunburn and there was no peeling in sight.
You can also use this oil in your hair as a deep conditioning treatment for your hair and scalp. One way of using it is applying it while in the shower for 15 minutes and then shampooing and rinsing out. The other way is by leaving it in your hair overnight if your hair is dry. I don’t have overly dry hair at the moment so I havn’t tried either of these methods, but if any of you have please let me know what you thought of it!
At £10 for 100ml it isn’t too bad, but considering it goes down quite quickly I am slightly hesitant to repurchase this again as I have used better.