Half Updo Hairstyles

Prettiest Half Updo Looks

Half updo hairstyles are a simple way to show sassy but classy. with curls, you’d look lovelier and more feminine. The half updo style is dainty but more laid back compared to other types of ladylike and curly hairstyles. It lets the upper part of your face shine, such as the eyes. Hair spray, curling rod, elastic band, bobby pins, hair accessories- you don’t really need much to create a fancy half updo and put it all in place.

There is more than just one way to don that half updo. It’s better to try different styles every time so as not to look always the same. Here we have some lovely ones that you’ll surely love:

Vintage Half-up.  This type of updo alone can be done in many ways like retro, braided flower, braided half-up, hair bow, and rosette half-up.


Half-Up Braided crown. Who doesn’t want to look like a princess? No need for metallic things on this one as you can literally use hair as a crown on your head.



Celtic Knot. this one’s not really new either but its intricacy and casual look makes it a great hairstyle.


Sleek Half Up. If you got straight or slightly wavy hair, this style is perfect to upgrade your look.


Cascading Half Updo. All you have to do is tie your hair back literally. how laid back can you get?


Half French Braid. Best worn with curls, this hairstyle will not only give you a relaxed look but it is easy to move along with too.


Bridget Bardot Hair. Glam but as laid back as ever, Bardot hair will never go out of style.



Half Up Fishtail Braid. Feel like a mermaid? Get sea-pretty hair in any season with fishtail braids.


Half Up Twist. Three twists are all you need and you’re ready to go.


Half Waterfall Braid . It’s like the half french braid and it’s just as easy to do as well.


Rose Braids Half Up. Boho is the right term for this look and you can match your hippie stuff with it.


Half Up Falling Locks . The most princess-like look is when your strands are twirling down. Best for weddings and parties.