Hair Jewelry for Fancy Hairstyles

Sometimes when you have a fancy event to go to, you just can’t decide on what to do with your hair. Everybody’s probably going to sport a bun or some kind of updo and you want to be different but how? Letting your hair down may be a good idea but you can’t just leave it plain like that, right? Otherwise you’re gonna look like you just didn’t have time to do your hair before you headed out. For those of you out there who often find themselves in situations like these, you should definitely try wearing hair jewelry. These are more lady-like counterparts of your everyday ordinary hair accessories. They’re fancier and more elegant as well which is why they’re more preferable to wear on fancy occasions and events. Check out a number of these cute hair jewelry for fancy hairstyles below.

  • Tiara – let’s start off with the most popular one which is the tiara. Women often wear tiaras on events where they are the celebrant – their special birthday (like a debut), their wedding and the likes. If you want to achieve a royal, princess-y look even when you’re not really the main celebrant, though, you can always wear a tiara as well. Unless it’s an event for me, I would personally pick a smaller tiara, of course, so as not to take the attention away from the main celebrant.

bridal tiara

cute mini tiara clip scalloped tiara headband tiara band style

  • Headbands – hair jewelry headbands are used just like regular headbands but they look so much fancier since they’re adorned and embellished with gems, crystals and whatnots. These are great for when you just want to have your hair down or when you have on a really simple and basic dress / outfit as it can give your look just the right ‘oomph’ that it needs.

hair jewelry headband jeweled headband

  • Barrettes – jeweled barrettes are pretty and they tend to really stand out when worn, especially with simpler hairstyles like buns and half updos. You can also take tiny jeweled barrettes and use them to clip your bangs / fringes to the side if you want to sport a clean look.

silver jewel barrette simple jeweled barrette gold jeweled barrette

  • Hair chains – hair chains are super dainty and gorgeous. You can wear them if you want to add a bit of an Arabian / Greek goddess touch to your look. Some are meant to be worn over the head with your hair down while others look better when worn with a simple or basic hairstyle. If you’re crafty, you can even make these yourself. Here’s a really simple one that you can easily make to go with your ponytail or bun.

gold leaf hair chain gorgeous hair chain hair chain with center pendant kim k ponytail with hair chain basic hair chain

  • Hair comb – another really fancy-looking hair jewelry you can wear on special events are hair combs. You can wear these on their own if you just want your hair slicked back or you can wear them with other hairstyles, just like most of the other hair jewelry mentioned above.

crystal encrusted hair comb fancy hair comb gold hair comb


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