Hair Essentials for Dry Hair

Hair Essentials

This week’s unexpected comes from some hair products we have tried and have been unexpectedly impressed by. At this time of year your hair needs nourishment and moisture because if you are anything like us, you spend a lot more time outside, in swimming pools and in the sea. All of these dry your hair out. We found these products worked so well to boost our hair again.

Hair Essentials for Dry Hair

The first is the John Frieda ‘Full Repair’ shampoo, conditioner and treatment. Our hair was really sun damaged so we actually coated our hair in the treatment (concentrating on the ends) for around half an hour before showering as usual using the shampoo and conditioner. Our hair felt so amazing at the end! These are on offer in Boots at the moment – 3 for £10 on all hair care products! (RRP ~£5.89 each).

John Frieda 'Full Repair' shampoo, conditioner and treatment

The second product we have been trying is the Redken ‘Silver Charge’ for men (RRP £7.95). This is perfect if you have blonde hair and fancy a boost of bright blonde again. It takes out all the impurities and chlorine and makes your hair noticeably blonder. You can only use it once a week for a special treat as it is pretty strong!

Redken 'Silver Charge' for men

The final product is the Redken ‘All Soft’ treatment (RRP £21). You use this after showering and it makes your hair feel like velvet from the very first use. 
The Redken products are quite pricey but really are worth it! The BeautyBooth are offering good deals on Redken products at the moment.
Redken 'All Soft' treatment
We love all of these – really unexpected as we don’t usually use these brands. What do you think?
Have a nice day y’all! Thanks for dropping by!

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