H2O Plus Sea Pure Anti-Aging Skin Care Review

Hi girls here is my H2O Plus Sea Pure Anti-Aging Skin Care Review!

I was sent this skincare system for review purposes. To be honest, I only heard about this company (H2O Plus)once from someone on YouTube. I was a bit skeptical to try out new products because I have very sensitive skin. Whenever I try new things, my skin tends to break out. However, I did a little more research and saw that the ingredients used were similar to the ingredients of my other skin care system. I have been using this system for about a week now and I must say, my skin’s condition has improved a lot since then.

1 H2O Plus  Sea Pure Anti Aging Skin Care

This system is great for me because I have very oily skin. After using this, my oiliness was reduced a bit which prevented break outs.
H2O Plus does not test on animals which is a huge plus for me. They use ingredients from the sea and the products are very safe for your skin.
Overall, I’d have to say this system is great and I would definitely go purchase it myself. I will go into further details about each product in this system below.
2 sea pure h2o

This is the facial cleanser. This deeply hydrates my skin with it’s nourishing sea moss. I always wear makeup during the day, so this cleanser effortlessly washes away all my makeup and surface debris. “Essential citrus oils refresh and revive.” This cleanser wasn’t too harsh for my skin and it wasn’t harsh on my sensitive skin.  Creamy Facial Cleanser


The website offered this tip: Use to gently cleanse makeup applicators without damaging bristles or deteriorating sponges.

3 sea pure toner
This the toner which is used after cleansing the face. I use a cotton pad to apply this onto my cleansed face. “Natural lactic acid dissolves dull surface cells to visibly smooth, brighten and prepare skin to optimally absorb moisture.” This toner leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean. I absolutely love the feeling it gives. Renewing Prep Tonic
4 sea pure refining polish
This is the gentle refining polish. It works like a cleanser. I use this before I want to use a mask or you can use it once a week to intensify the benefits. “Fine-grained bamboo extract softly polishes the epidermal layer to accelerate cell renewal and uncover younger-looking skin.” I like this one because it cleans a lot better than the regular cleanser does. Gentle Refining Polish
5 sea pure deep moisture cream
This is the deep moisture cream. I apply this daily to my skin after cleaning it and applying toner. Since it deeply moisturizes the skin, it’s the perfect daytime remedy for especially dry skin or as a deeply nourishing night cream. “Water-rich Atlantic Sea Flora combines with emollient coconut and jojoba seed extracts to visibly smooth and maintain soft, supple skin.”
Deep Moisture Cream
Tip: Rub over dry cuticles to instantly nourish and moisturize.
6 sea pure perfecting eye cream
This is the perfecting eye cream. I dab this lightly around my eye area. It fades the look of wrinkles and helps tired eyes appear bright and refreshed. I have noticed that my bags and fine lines are fading away slowly. Perfecting Eye Cream
Tip: Apply to upper lip to help minimize fine lines.
I really like these products and would recommend it 100% to anyone who wants younger looking skin. If you are college students studying late at night or working adults who work late and wake up early, this skin care system is perfect for you. I never sleep before midnight, so this system works great for me. It helps me look younger, more vibrant and awake.
There is a coupon code you can use from now until the 20th of November that will save you $10 on your entire order of $30 or more. Promotion code: 100275.
FTC: I was sent these products for review purposes. I was not paid to write this blog and this is my honest opinion.

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