Grown-up Ways to Wear Pleated Skirts

An article of clothing that is greatly associated with school uniforms for the students, a pleated skirt can be worn for a variety of occasions that can take you from casual to dressy styles. Its clean-cut characteristics and pleats holding the skirt in place are so versatile enough that can be perfect to match with your stylish ensembles to create a multitude of looks. Keep on reading for grown-up ways to wear pleated skirts.

cute pleated skirt with sailor jacket

mustard sweater with pleated skirt silk pleated skirt with crop top tartan pleated skirt with white shirt

When dressing in a pleated skirt, keep in mind your body shape first as pleats add bulk that made them better suited for those with thinner bodies. A woman with a pear or apple shape should be mindful of wearing pleated skirts to prevent attention from being drawn to the wider bottom half. For a woman with an inverted triangular shape or rectangular shape, pleated skirts add some definition to the bottom half of the body, making her appear more feminine. On the other hand, pleats accentuate the curves of an hourglass shape. Feel free to try pleated skirts styles that work best for you. A box pleated skirt has wide pleats that are more casual while a knife pleated skirt has thinner pleats that are more suitable for formal wear. There are also other dressy styles like accordion pleats, cartridge pleats, and such pleats that can give your look a dramatic but polished vibe.

button down shirt with pleated skirt denim jacket with pleated skirt graphic tee with pleated skirt knitted sweater with pleated skirt striped sweater with pleated skirt

Be creative layering your pleated skirts with other essential wardrobe pieces. These skirts can easily dress up even your most casual pieces like denim jackets, basic tees, tank tops, crop tops, sweaters, turtlenecks, graphic tees, chambray shirts and such. These tops serve as the perfect foundation for any look and work well with pleated skirts. Just go for tops that fit close to the body rather than loose-fitting ones to avoid looking sloppy and ragged. Even if your tank top hugs your body’s curves a bit, it will not matter because pleated skirts in more dressy styles will take away from any flaws.

sport chic looks sporty chic outfit sporty shirt with pleated skirt

Who would have thought that you can dress up your sporty looks with a pleated skirt? You can show off your sporty yet feminine style by pairing sporty tops, tennis shirt, baseball caps, sneakers and such. Just polish your looks with accessories depending on how sporty, casual, or dressy your looks to be.

leather jacket with floral skirt leather jacket with pleated skirt and patent boots leather jacket with pleated skirt leather top with nude pleated skirt

Add some edge to your dressy outfit with leather jackets. This approach of mixing contrasting textiles can easily shift your looks into a tough-girl vibe. Pleated skirts give the impression of a feminine touch while leather jackets are typically associated with punk and edgy styles. The outfit combination of both would be great to lessen the school girl look of pleated skirts and make leather jackets go well in a feminine attire.

button down shirt with pleated skirt colorful outfit with color blocked heels lace top with pleated skirt purple top with pleated skirt striped top with pleated skirt and heels

For a dressy casual style, you may mix different fabrics that complement one another as well as play with different colors and prints. If you don’t want to be attention-grabbing on the streets, keep your upper clothes harmonizing with your pleated skirt and bring interest with different fabrics. In spring and summer months, linen, cotton, and some silk offer lightweight wardrobe options, while in the colder months, wool, silk, or blends are smart choices as they add insulation, keeping you warm but comfortable. But for very formal occasions, you may go for chiffon and silk fabrics to give you a sophisticated and chic feel.

yellow top with pleated skirt office outfit office outfit

When dressing for office attire, be careful when pairing a pleated skirt with a buttoned shirt as this combination generally resembles a typical school uniform. So, better skip typical shades used in school uniforms like black, navy, white, and khaki brown and go for more bold and glittery ones. You may also pair it with a structured blazer and a little non-school glimmer such as jewelry and clutches. Since pleated skirts in mini length often create a more schoolgirl feel, go for longer lengths to create a more classy and grown-up silhouette on your outfit.

statement top with pleated skirt embellished top with pleated skirt statement sweater with pleated skirt velvet top with pleated skirt

Pleated skirts can be a great complement with your statement tops or simply an overall statement outfit. You may want to play with unique cuts, styles, designs, and even colors to create a powerful statement in an intentional way. An outfit that clashes in color can be messy and unprofessional, so choose a well-planned color scheme to make up the largest pieces you’re going to wear. If you’re not into colors, it is worth noting that neutral colored clothing can always be worn together or paired with any other color to create a more sophisticated and classy appearance. Just look for unique details that can make a statement even in muted shades.





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