Grecian Goddess Updo

Grecian Goddess Updo

 When I was away, I wore my hair up a few nights (I wish I wore it up more now to be honest). I always used to wear my hair up but as it has grown a lot, it’s a big more harder to put it up by only kirby grips. So for a few months, this is how I have been wearing it when I wear it up. Grecian Goddess  braided Updo

It’s SO easy and takes around 5-10 minutes to do after it’s been slightly curled.
So here it how I do it…
1. Prep hair with heat protection spray and add a few curls by using a curling iron/conical wand/straightening iron. I use these. I find this adds more of a grecian feel to the style and allows longer hair to be pinned up more easily.
2. Backcomb at the roots and add hairspray. You don’t have to back comb it loads because you will be pushing the hair up anyways. If you have unwashed hair, use a dry shampoo to get your volume, it will be healthier for your hair too.
3. Firstly, make sure you have loads of hair grips next to you! Take a thick section of hair from your ear and take it around the back of your head just like when you are sectioning your hair before styling (you can see this more in the first picture below). Before you pin it to the middle of your head at the back, push the hair up to give it more volume. Repeat with the other side.
4. Now that you have both sides up, reach behind your head for the area where both clips are placed and push up again and secure with a couple of more clips. This just helps give reinforcement to the previous clips and also gives volume to the back section of the hair.
5. Now, at the back of your head, pull all the loose hair together like you were about to pull it into a low ponytail. Reach to the bottom of the section and start to roll it up on itself towards your head. If you have layers, this will be a bit harder, but it’s fine because it’s meant to look a bit messy.
6. Go mad with the clips to secure everything in place and spray with hair spray. Pull out some bits of hair on the front and you are done!!Grecian-Goddess updo-styleGrecian-Goddess-hair and summer outfit

From the front

Hope these instructions weren’t too complicated! I think this is a really versatile hair style and can be worn every day, on a night time or for formal events. I think I would go as far to say that I would like my hair similar like this for my wedding?! Who knows…
Does anyone else just try clipping up hair with only kirby grips?

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