Graduation Fashion Tips

Your college graduation is the culmination of the four (or five, even more) years you spent burning the university midnight oil. In effect, this is the time when you need to look your ultimate best. Be the trendsetter that you are as you get your diploma with these graduation fashion tips.

You Can Never Go Wrong in a Black Dress

Of all the colors (and dresses), nothing else comes close to the classic black dress. After all, it comes with a color that is slimming and flattering to any size, shape, or color. But since it is your college march, go with the unconventional graduation fashion tips of choosing a ‘unique’ black dress. That means choosing dresses with cutouts (in conservative areas,) unique textures, or chic tailoring.

black one-shoulder dress

black button down dress black dresses

Be a Winner in White

If the color black is too depressing for you, then approach the other end of the color spectrum by wearing a pristine white dress. Clean and crisp, a white dress tops the list of most graduation fashion tips. What’s great about this dress is that you can go ga-ga over the accessories. In fact, this is the perfect dress for the big, ornate necklace you have always wanted to wear.

white graduation dresswhite peter pan dress white grad day dress

Be Lovely in Lace

If you want to look sophisticated during your graduation, then go for a lace dress. This classic design is included in most graduation fashion tips because of its delicate design. Since most dresses are sheer in design, make sure to choose a style that’s academe-friendly. You wouldn’t want your professors pushing you out of the stage just simply because your dress is too racy.

black lace dressblue lace dress

Be a Maven in Metallic

Do you want to sparkle…literally? Then go ahead and wear a metallic dress. An ensemble in silver or gold will surely capture the eyes of your fellow graduates (their parents even.) Since metallic dresses are usually reminiscent of late-night hooplahs with friends, make sure to select a style that is ‘more’ formal. Graduation fashion tips recommend the use of three-quarter sleeve styles or short-sleeved dresses. Stay away from tube dresses or halter dresses for this solemn occasion.

pink metallic dress gold metallic dress metallic lace dress

Look Tailored in a Button-Down and Skirt

Do you want to convey a professional image during your graduation? Commence your journey with a button-down top and a skirt, no less. While a pencil skirt might be an obvious choice for graduation fashion tips, you can always go out of the box and choose a maxi skirt or a floral midi skirt instead. It’s your time to shine, and no one is stopping you from doing so!

button down shirt and tulle skirt button down top and maxi skirt

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