Gorgeous Hairstyles that Make You Look Slimmer

Going into the salon, you’ll hear hairstylists asking their clients what hairstyle / haircut they want and often, the response would be “something that would make me look thinner”. It seems that everyone wants to look thinner and they want it to show not just on their body but on their faces as well. It makes a lot of sense, though, because sometimes no matter how thin or sexy your body is, your face remains round and chubby looking. there are different facial shapes and each of us has one that’s unique to us. All these face shapes will look fabulous when paired with the right hairstyle. Check out these gorgeous hairstyles that make you look slimmer.

  • Long layers – if you have a round face, you should definitely have long layers added on to your current hairstyle. Having long layers resting around your face will frame your face beautifully, giving more emphasis on your jaw lines and your cheekbones so you can have added structure to your face. You can have long layers added to your hair even if your facial shape isn’t round but you want to give more emphasis to your jaws and cheekbones.

long wavy layers

sexy long layers

  • Asymmetrical bob – if you think the bob cut is too mom-ish for you, think again! You can actually sport a bob and still young fun, young and hip and this is by choosing an asymmetrical bob instead of the conventional one. Stars like Paris Hilton and Rihanna have rocked their fair share of asymmetrical bobs in the past few years and they looked great with each and every one. An asymmetrical bob is cut short at the back and long in the front so it frames your face and makes it look thinner and since it’s short, it’s perfect for women who have very little time to fix and style their hair every day.

neat bob hair rihanna asymmetrical bob

  • Big voluminous hair – having big, voluminous is always better compared to having stick straight hair if you want to make your face look thinner. Pin straight hair tends to stick very closely to your face so it makes it look rather round and puffy. Having voluminous hair, on the other hand, frames your face in a flattering way so it looks smaller and thinner.

jlo big waves big sexy hair

  • Deep side part – got a round shaped face? Make your face look a bit elongated so you could look thinner by doing a deep side part on your hair. A center / middle part may look chic and Vogue – ready but it all it really does is make your face look rounder so you end up looking chubbier. If you already have a subtle side part, just relocate the part deeper on to one side to get the most out of the slimming effect of this hairstyle.

deep side part brunette jessica alba side part

  • Side swept bangs – lastly, if you don’t want to cut your hair short or anything but you’re dying to look slimmer, just have side swept bangs added to your hair and you’ll look a few pounds slimmer in an instant! To decide on which side your bangs should be swept to, try doing a side part on both sides and see which side you like best. That side is the same side you should have your side swept bangs cut towards.

side swept bangs lauren conrad side swept bangs

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