I am back with a review from my latest favorite brand: Glo Minerals. Their line of products has recently been introduced to me, and I absolutely love them! Here is my review of GLO MINERALS SHIMMER DUST !

The Holiday collection features some limited edition products that are perfect for creating a festive holiday look. Keep reading to see my favorite way to turn any beauty routine into a holiday routine!

Okay, could this be any prettier? The exclusive packaging is one of my favorites; it makes the product even more fun to use.

This is the Glo Minerals Shimmer Dust in Glisten Gold. This product comes in a silver as well, but I have been working with a warmer color palette for winter.


The pump works extremely well; it dispenses a light layer of shimmer. I have not had any problems with it clogging, and the packaging seems really well done.

You can unscrew the top if needed; I am sure I will find an use for the bottle once I have finished the product. The product itself reminds me of a very concentrated form of MAC’s Pigments, but lighter. This does not feel heavy on the skin, and it is easily blendable.


As I was reading the back of the packaging, I saw the intended use. You can use this on your body and skin, so it is safe for your face! Apparently the beauty blogger in me jumped to the conclusion that it was for the face only…

Anyways, this can work as a highlighter, a light coat of shimmer, or pixie dust. Maybe all three.

I have not come across a product like this in my collection, it is new, creative, and fun to use. I applaud the company for not skimping on packaging, the bottle is absolutely irresistible! 


This is one way that I have used it so far, and it looked amazing! I swatched the same black shadow on my arm twice, but I only sprayed Glisten Gold on the upper swatch. See the difference? Adding this anywhere into your look really brightens up your face.

You can layer this on top of any color, but I chose black to create the greatest contrast against my pale as Bella Cullen (yes, after the vampire transformation) skin. I know, I need my St. Tropez tanner, but for now I am going to just make it work.


Tell me in the comments if you have ever tried this on your face, body, or if you just fed it to your unicorn. Seriously, this stuff is so amazing, it is completely multi-purpose. Make sure to follow, and thanks for reading!

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