Get the Look: Geek Chic

Smart is definitely the new sexy. Nerdy looks used to be frown upon, but now, they are being copied and emulated. Even the popular girls are dying to look like straight A students! Embody the style of a super-smart Ivy leaguer by stocking your closet with these geek chic pieces:

Collared Shirt

The collared shirt is an essential for any geek (or for a wannabe nerd like you.) For the full geek chic look, button the shirt up to your neck.

geeky collared shirt

Statement Top

Statement tops are nerd essentials – as you will see in ‘Big Bang Theory’ or the premises of an Ivy League university. Unleash the inner nerd in you by slipping on a graphic statement top.

geek chic statement top

Plaid Mini Skirt

When the word schoolgirl comes to mind, the image of the plaid mini skirt usually pops up first. Transform your look from preppy to geek chic by pairing this skirt with any of the pieces mentioned below.

geek chic plaid skirt

Cropped Pants

Geek chicks owned cropped pants even before they were cool and runway-worthy! Look like a natural nerd by swapping your favorite jeans for cropped or ankle length pants.

nerdy style cropped pants

Bow Tie

Look unbelievably smart by embellishing your collared shirt with a bow tie. Prom-styled ties usually come to mind, but flirtier styles (such as the one below) will add some trifling to your geek chic look.

nerdy bow tie

Non-Graded Lenses

Look the nerdy part with non-graded lenses (unless you need the real ones for seeing and stuff.)

geek chic lenses

geek chic spectacles


When it comes to geek chic, a backpack should be your number 1 choice for carrying things, even if it’s too big for your make-up kit.

geek chic backpack

High Socks

Bring your high socks out of the closet to get the coveted geek chic look. Wear them with Mary Janes or Oxfords (featured next) to get the preppy nerd style.

geek chic knee socks

geek chic glasses


Oxfords are perhaps the number 1 geek chic shoes. Wear it with knee-high socks and a plaid mini skirt for a smart high schooler look.

skirt and oxfords

Dressing smart takes a number of fashion pieces and accessories. Have these in your closet and you will be able to nail the popular geek chic look.

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