Get Rihanna’s Rebellious Fashion Look

More than just her body-bumping music, Rihanna is also renowned for her rebellious fashion looks. She hardly looks conventional, with her unique casual get-ups and flamboyant red carpet looks. Be able to get the platinum seller’s look by following her style mantras – which she recently divulged to Vogue Magazine.

Oversized Jackets are Outstanding

Whereas other ladies go for sleek, form-fitting jackets, Rihanna actually likes the opposite. Oversized jackets are “fierce,” Rihanna says. According to the singer-actress, it is the key to everything. With this outerwear, Rihanna (and you too can wear any type of silhouette that you want. Heck, you can even wear it with a formal gown and still look chic.

rihanna oversized denim jacket

oversized denim jackt

Borrow Clothes from your Boyfriend

If you want to break fashion convention just like Rihanna, then follow her fashion mantra: go with menswear pieces. The musician dotes on baggy pieces, such as creepers and men’s clothes. To balance the loose look, Rihanna makes it a point to wear them with feminine items, such as stiletto heels, structured clutches and gold accessories.

rihanna menswear attire women wearing menswear

Take a Fashion Risk

When it comes to fashion, Rihanna is the non-traditionalist kind. If you want to stand out from the rest just like this Barbadian beauty, then do not be afraid to take a fashion risk. Wear unexpected clothes and style them like it’s nobody’s business.

rihanna risky fashion risky fashion look

Fake it ‘til You Make it

Although Rihanna can purchase the most expensive diamond earrings in the world, she prefers fancy jewelries more. In fact, she likes getting her accessory haul at Claire’s. So yeah, if you see her in bright bling-bling, they are probably fake – unless she declares that they are Chopards.

rihanna pearl necklacesfancy pearl necklace

Seek International Fashion Inspiration

Although Rihanna is a fashion icon on her own, she makes it a point to draw inspiration from other girls. In fact, she dotes on following Middle Eastern Instagrammers, as they give her great fashion ideas. Just like Rihanna, don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram users from all over the world.

rihanna international fashionethnic fashion clothes

Rihanna has a fashion look that is unlike any other. Break out of the conventional style box like this Barbadian native by following her great fashion advices.

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