Get a Preppy-Chic Statement This Fall with Nicole Warne

A preppy chic statement lies between feminine and girly looks that can make your fall style more fashion-forward and elegant. Mind behind the Gary Pepper Girl blog, Nicole Warne is a style blogger from Sydney, Australia known for her preppy-chic style featuring feminine outfits, floral ensembles, and sophisticated pieces that can make your fall style more fashionable. Since she has graced the covers of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Elle Australia, Lucky Magazine and such, you might want to check her fall looks and wear it in your own way.

Resort to wedges and boots over stiletto pumps and sandals.



If you’re aiming for a school-girl vibe in an upscale style, resort to wedge shoes and boots over sky-high stilettos and sandals. Like Nicole, you can still get that chic statement by going for a pair of wedge pumps instead of sandals that you can wear with your chic dress and printed coat. Or, make your fall style more effortless with a pair of ankle boots that can save your feet from hours of walking, while complementing your favorite jeans and coat.

Try wearing socks with your shoes.

ankle-strap-shoes-with-socks-and-preppy-outfit socks-with-ankle-strap-stilettoes-and-maxi-skirt-with-sailor-blazer high-socks-with-black-shoes-and-red-coat

School girls are known for wearing socks with their shoes, together with their collared uniforms and pleated skirts. To make the preppy chic style work for you, wear socks with your stiletto shoes but make your outfit more feminine and classy just like wearing maxi skirts with a blazer to avoid overdoing the look. If you’re afraid to catch unwanted attention on your socks and shoes combination, opt for a matching shade like black to keep it less noticeable like Nicole did, complementing her collared top and red coat outfit.

Embrace collared tops and dresses.

preppy-school-girl-outfit-with-classic-pumps collared-dress-with-red-pumps collared-chic-blouse-with-paper-bag-waist-shorts-and-fall-coat

Preppy style is known for collared tops and pleated skirts that you might consider wearing this fall season. Like Nicole, you may go for a girly pastel pink dress, but spice it up with a pair of bold red stilettos. Or channel some school-girl vibe with a collared button-down blouse teamed with plaid shorts and a necktie for a creative twist.

Wear a chic sweater with your collared tops.

collared-top-with-yellow-sweater-and-blue-skirt preppy-outfit-with-sweater polka-dots-full-skirt-with-sweater-and-collared-top

Since fall season is all about wearing stylish layers, wear it in a preppy way. Wear your collared tops with your chic sweater where your collars pop on your top piece. Like Nicole, you may go for an unexpected color combination of a yellow sweater and collared top teamed with a blue skirt that will give you a trendy statement. It’s up to you to finish your looks with a pair of wedge shoes or classic sandals.

You could never go wrong with pleated skirts.

pleated-skirt-with-striped-top plaid-skirt-with-sweater-and-scarf

Pleated skirts are one of the essential pieces you need to complete your preppy style. Like Nicole, create a preppy-chic style this fall by wearing your striped sweater with a chic pleated skirt or even plaid print skirt with a plain sweater. By heeding our style guidelines, you’ll be able to make a preppy-chic statement this fall effortlessly.

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