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Geo Contact Lens In Nudy Brown 14.0 Review

Hello there hunnies here is my Geo Contact Lens In Nudy Brown 14.0!

Fashion has been a vital part of our everyday lives. From our face and hair to the tips of our feet, everything must represent a piece of who we are. For we live to stand out, to be unique, and to leave paper trails of our awesomeness.
And what better way to always be fashionable than to have your eyes colored the way you wanted?
1 Geo Nudy Brown 14.0
Oh let me rephrase that, what better way to stand out than to have these Nudy Series Lenses?
2 Geo Nudy Brown contacts
Thanks to Val our dear lovely blogger and owner of Aigoo shoppe for choosing GEO NUDY BROWN for me to try out.
Honestly, I never thought that I will like these lenses due to some undesirable feedback and reviews on its design. Surprisingly, I fell in love the first time I tried it, I’ve been drive testing this pair for few weeks now.. So far so good. I am loving it so much.
3 Nudy Brown 14.0 by Geo
Color & Design
The color is a cool tone of yellowy brown, somewhat ashy-brown in some lighting which is love! Great, if you want a color change. I super like the halo effect that the outer ring gives–Halo is where the lens exceed the color of a small iris that can create a ring circle around the iris.
The smaller the iris, the bigger the Halo effect.
Love how this make my eyes noticeably larger and lighter without the exaggerated awkward – reptillian look.  The pattern is somewhat pixelated, nevertheless still pretty, sparkly and gives some glow to the eyes that I always wanted. It is not that natural looking, but wearable definitely not a boring pattern.

These are 14mm lens which is the average circle lens diameter. However,  it never fails to give the enlarging effect that I normally want to wear.

It never stung, not blurry, very comfortable. But then again, i suppose that it’s still highly subjective.

I believe Nudy Brown has the right scale of size and comfort. Definitely better than fresh look, or other regular generic lenses available in the local market. The pattern is pretty good, it’s two toned, i know they aren’t the most natural looking lenses but they are really exciting to wear.  Not overly fake, Wearable enough while they stand-out and gives that dreamy speckled eye. Love!
4 wearing the Geo  contacts
So with regards to my question above, the better way to stand out is by purchasing these babies now for Aigoo Shop has an on-going sale.
geo contacts
Aigoo Shoppe’s BER MONTH SALE
Each on hand lens costs for only 350 PESOS!
Free shipping for buying 4 pairs of lenses!
But wait there’s more!
If you add 30 PESOS, you can get this uber cute pig lens case instead of the usual transparent pink case.
Again, Thank you Valerie of for picking and sending me this lovely pair of lenses to try for review purposes! Loving them so much!

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