Friday Beauty Haul

Friday Beauty Haul :MAC brush cleaner,MAC 219 brush,MAC Studio Finish Concealer, MAC arena sating eyeshadow,MAC Cream Colour Base  hush,Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer :

Happy Friday Everyone!
I was so glad to get out of work a little early today!
So happy that I actually decided to go buy some makeup for the first time in awhile. I purchased a few things from MAC’s Tres Cheek and Reel Sexy, but I hadn’t been in the store or at any other beauty counter in awhile.
By the way, let me just mention that I’m so pleased with how these photos came out! I took them with no flash and the colors came out so much more true! Definitely doing this from now on!
 So let’s get into it! Most of the stuff is from MAC (I’m getting back into them after awhile!) and I purchased one thing from Clinique.
MAC brush cleaner :MAC brush cleaner
 The first thing that I picked up was an essential that I was running out of, and that’s MAC’s brush cleaner.
I found that I was probably deep cleaning my brushes more than necessary and never spot cleaning, so I picked up the brush cleanser and absolutely loved it. This is my second bottle!
 Because it saves you from wasting a ton of product (and therefore from wasting money!) I picked up this spray bottle to put my brush cleanser in. This is just from the travel section of Target, and is something that you definitely want to pick up if you use a liquid brush cleanser for spot treatment. If you are constantly dumping liquid onto a towel, most of the product is being absorbed by the towel and not even doing its purpose. However, if you take your spray bottle and spray it directly onto the brushes then swipe them with a cloth a few times, you are saving product and cleaning just as effectively.
MAC 219 brush :mac 219 brush
 I have been a die-hard Sigma fan since I started collecting makeup over two years ago, but lately I am growing more and more disappointed. Even brushes I haven’t touched yet are breaking apart on me. Don’t get me wrong, some of them have held up beautifully and I continue to use them every day, but I think it’s time I start investing in brushes that won’t fall apart. I have two MAC brushes that are still in absolutely perfect condition even after all the use and cleaning, so I decided to pick up another. This time I purchased the 219, one of my absolute favorite types of brushes. This brush is absolutely essential in my makeup collection, and I find myself reaching for this type of brush every day.
MAC Studio Finish Concealer :mac Studio Finish Concealer
  Also at MAC, I decided to pick up my very first Studio Finish Concealer. I am in the shade NC20.
These are surprisingly a little darker than the foundations. I am really tan at the moment, and NC30 was a little too dark on me. The MUA said that there is no NC25, so she recommended NC20. I think this is the perfect shade for me, because I’m definitely not always as dark as I am at the moment (I just got a spray tan yesterday so the color is at it’s darkest at the moment!)
I wanted this concealer for blemishes, because surprisingly in my entire makeup collection, I no longer own a single concealer that’s not for the under eye area. I know, I couldn’t believe it either.
MAC Cream Colour Base  hush :MAC Cream Colour Base  hush
  I have tried MAC Cream Colour Bases before, and I do own Pearl, but I decided to try out another today. I’m always hunting down new products to try, especially while I am trying to build my makeup routine for my wedding in June. While we were talking about concealer, the MUA told me I need to look at Hush Cream Colour Base because my skin tone would be perfect for it, and she was totally right. I absolutely love the subtle sheen this gives to my skin. I am definitely wearing this on my wedding day, I am so glad she recommended it because I probably would’ve never looked at it on my own.
MAC  arena sating eyeshadow
mac arena sating eyeshadow
 Every time I go to MAC, I always get an Eye Shadow. Shadows are my guilty pleasure, and I just love building my collection of them and putting them all into my palettes. I never keep them in the pots!
 This was also a recommendation from the MUA, she was so freaking good, and it is Arena. I have never heard of this shade anywhere, and I’m not sure why. It is a gorgeous mid-tone brown with a golden satin finish. This would be perfect on its own with some thick black liner, or as a all over lid shade in any look. Definitely pleased with this!
  I have incredibly oily skin, but the problem is that I have these god awful annoying dry patches lately. Mostly, they appear on my forehead and around my nose, and I have tried everything. So I decided to invest in a night cream. I went to Clinique, since a majority of my skin care (day time moisturizer and toner) are from their skin care system, and purchased the Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer. This is a lot thicker than most of their facial lotions, making it perfect for night wear. It also claims to really moisturize those dry patches and protect your skin from any damage or aging. We will see how this works! For almost $50 I sincerely hope it does!

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