Fourth of July Outfit Ideas to Get Inspired By

Happy Fourth of July, America! For those of you who outside the United States who don’t know what the 4th of July is, let me explain briefly. It is a US federal holiday in celebration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Most people celebrate this day with a cookout or a barbeque or a summer pool party to beat the heat. On this day, Americans like to show their patronization to their country in every way possible, including fashion. Here are some Fourth of July Outfit Ideas to get inspired by.

  • MINIMALISTIC – this gorgeous by Aimee of Song of Style look consists of a blue top, jeans and red heels. It’s simple, it’s chic and it a great way to be patriotic – just what you want and need for a fab 4th of July outfit. The outfit is completed by a stack of bracelets and a bright red purse. For more outfit details, click here.

aimee song songs of style

  • AMERICAN GIRL – what’s a better way to show your love for your country than to don on the iconic red white and blue along with stars and stripes? That’s right, the American flag design gets pretty popular during this time of the year and every other store has wearable stylish merch that you can wear in case you don’t have the time (or skills and patience) to DIY your own. Everything from shirts, tank tops, shorts, bikinis and even cardigans with the American flag design, you’ll find from your favorite store.

american flag pullover american girl outfit american girl

  • RED, WHITE, AND BLUE – if you think having the flag on your outfit is a little too cheesy and a bit over the top, you can always show your patronization by rocking just the colors instead. Anything red white and blue would make a great 4th of July outfit. You can even do some color blocking if you want a bright and bold look or just stick to neutral looks with pops of red, white and blue throughout for a more subtle one.

red white and blue red white and blue with polka dots red white and blue dress

  • STARS AND STRIPES – another subtler way to look patriotic on the 4th of July is to rock stars and stripes and you don’t necessarily have to wear both together in one outfit. If you’re more a stripes kind of gal, go ahead and rock your red white and blue stripes. If you like fun prints more, then go ahead and wear something covered in stars. If you want to be a bit more bold, of course you can wear these two together but that option is entirely up to you.

all stripes red white and blue striped dress outfit star pullover star shirt striped dress


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