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Flourish Almond Milk Perfume Oil Review

Good day to all pretties! here is my Flourish Almond Milk Perfume Oil Review!

I bought Flourish Almond Milk Perfume Oil ($9 USD for 9mL) in the same frantic Etsy binge as my The Morbid the Merrier fragrances. Consistent enabler Jessica from The Belle Lumiere eviscerated my last remaining hint of self-discipline by describing this fragrance as smelling “like a baby’s head” [Edit: Dee from Miss Prissypants informs me that she is actually responsible for the “baby’s head” comment and subsequent impulse purchase. I consider you both as bad as each other.] Buying this fragrance from the Flourish online store was a pleasant transaction; shipping was affordable, quick enough and bubble-wrapped.



Soft, sensual, intoxicating: almond, vanilla, musk, a wisp of white chocolate. This fragrance manages to be both a soothing comfort scent and incredibly sexy at the same time.

Flourish Almond Milk Perfume Oil contains fragrance in a base of fractionated coconut oil. The Flourish Perfume Oils are roll-ons rather than traditional sprays, which Flourish says means that the scent does not evaporate as quickly as alcohol-based, traditional spray-on fragrances. I find my Flourish Almond Milk Perfume Oil is long-lasting but is as it is a roll-on it is worn close to the body, remaining subtle. And most importantly, it does smell like a baby’s head: sweet, soft and milky.

I looked at the Flourish store on Etsy for the first time since buying this fragrance today while putting together this review. Oh, dear. Please send help.