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Flattering Lipstick Colors for All Skin Tones

Finding a lipstick that will look good on you can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for or what shades and hues work for your skin tone. You could look it up on the internet or read up for advice from your favorite beauty bloggers but the advice you see on there will vary from person to persona because not everyone’s skin tone is the same. Luckily, there are a few out there that we could consider as gems. These lipsticks are the ones that look good on just about anyone. If you’re curious to see what these are, read on below and discover the top 5 most flattering lipstick colors for all skin tones.

  • LIGHT PINK – if you’re not ready to commit to finding the perfect red lipstick for you just yet, go and get your hands on some light pink instead. Choose a blue-based light pink shade because this will also make your teeth look whiter. On women with pale skin, light pink adds just the right flush of color. It also flatters women with yellow undertones and is surprisingly very natural looking on women with olive undertones.

light pink on fair skin

light pink on medium skin light pink on dark skin

  • CORAL – coral is the perfect shade of lipstick to go for in the summer. It’s fun and bright and looks great on tanned skin but looks fantastic on fair skin, too, regardless of whether you have yellow or pink undertones. Women with medium skin can count on this lipstick shade to be one of the best as far as neutrals are concerned while ladies with olive undertones may consider this a flattering option for a natural look.

coral on light skin coral on medium skin coral on dark skin

  • WINE RED – wine red is a great shade of red to go for if you want something a little more fun than the neutrals but a little less sexy and seductive like, say, bright or true red. It’s something that you can comfortably wear to a job interview if you want to achieve that ‘grown up’ look without ageing yourself too much.

wine red light skin wine red on dark skin wine red on medium skin

  • NUDE – we all know nude lipstick is a must-have in every girl’s beauty arsenal and if you don’t already have one, go and get yourself a tube now! To make nude work for every skin color, make sure to stay away from those that are beige-based and instead go for pinky nudes. Pinky nude lipstick colors are perfect for achieving the ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

nude lipstick nude lipstick look nude for dark skin tones

  • BRIGHT ORANGE – this was one of the past summer’s biggest trends and, to be honest, we didn’t quite understand why at first but as we got to see more of it, we saw the true beauty in it. Bright orange may not be something that you would wear everyday but it sure is a great color to reach for on days when you just want to stand out and be bold.

bright orange lipstick light skin bright orange medium skin bright orange for dark skin