Festive Nail Art Designs for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving having gone and Christmas and the New Years creeping up real quick, I bet you’re busy with prepping for the holidays. Now, all this crazy busyness can really get you all worked up so how about you treat yourself to a little “me time” and maybe do some pampering? If you’re like me, even something as quick and as simple as a manicure (okay, maybe a mani-pedi) should be enough to make you feel refreshed so here are some festive nail art designs for the holidays that won’t only give your tired hands a revitalized look but will also give them a more festive look and feel.

  • RED AND WHITE STRIPES – red and white stripes always remind me of Christmas candy canes so if you’re looking for something simple yet festive, why not try it out? This would be a great nail art design if you’re not up for anything too intricate or anything that calls for special nail art tools as all you’ll need to create the design are two bottles of nail polish (red and white) and your usual nail grooming kit.

candy cane stripes

red and white nail art design red and white stripes

  • CHRISTMAS ICONS – think of all the things that remind you about Christmas: Santa Claus, mistletoes, lots of lights, Christmas trees, reindeers and candy canes. Now, choose a base coat for all of your nails and then draw random different Christmas icons on each nail, let dry and you’re done! You can also choose to do just one accent nail with a Christmas icon you really like for a more subdued look.

santa body nail art christmassy nails christmassy nails

  • SNOWFLAKE NAILS – snowflakes are super cute and easy to do and they’re one of the things that best remind us of the holiday season in general too so if you’re looking for something holiday-ish but don’t want anything too loud or festive, snowflakes would make a great nail art design.

blue and white snowflakes red base white snowflakes red and white snowflakes

  • WHITE CHRISTMAS – coming from a tropical country, I’ve always wondered about having a white Christmas. It just seems very elegant and magical and if you’re looking for a simple nail art design to get your holiday spirit on, why not go for a white Christmas-inspired design? Add sparkle and shine to it by topping off a white base with silver glitter polish or give it that fuzzy feeling by sprinkling on some white velvet.

sparkly white christmas white christmas white glitter ombre

  • COLORFUL POLKA DOTS – for a subtle holiday feel on your nails, you can do colorful polka dots that are reminiscent of those little balls you put on a Christmas tree. Do your polka dots in different sizes and use colors that remind you of the holidays like red, green, silver and gold. If you’re feeling a little more bold, you can continue on and turn those polka dots into actual Christmas balls.

polka dot christmas balls polka dot christmas tree red and green polka dot nails festive glitter polka dots

  • HOLIDAY GLAM – holidays don’t always have to be about Christmas. Whether you don’t celebrate Christmas or you just don’t want anything too Christmas-y on your nails, I know you’ll love these holiday glam nails. Start with a dark base and then top it off with some glitter. You can cover the whole base with glitter, do only the tips or go for an ombre – it’s all up to you. This look is super chic. It’s not too holiday-ish but it’s still festive and it’s super chic too!
    black and gold holiday glam festive gold and maroon blue glitter nails