Fashionable Flat Shoes to Wear at the Office

Maybe you are tired of wearing the usual black and nude pumps at the office. Not only can they be boring, they can spell doom to your feet as well! So if you want to look cute and feel comfy at work – then make sure to choose from any of these great flat shoes to wear at the office.

Ballet Flats

If you are looking for utmost comfort, then ballet flats are the shoes to wear at the office. Formerly reserved for graceful ballerinas, these shoes have become the go-to comfort shoes of most women in the planet.

While most ballet flats in quirky designs and colors, you need to be careful when pairing these shoes with your outfit. If you are planning on wearing a graphic outfit (such as that of Emma Stone’s dress,) then stay simple with nude flats.

dress and nude flats

But if you want to wear a simple, erstwhile monochromatic attire, then go crazy with a printed flat, by all means!

printed leopard flats floral ballet flats


Oxfords are some of the hippest shoes to wear at the office. Mainly inspired by men’s shoes, women’s oxfords can add a structure and a tad of masculinity to your over-all attire. Because of its mannish style, oxfords complement a crisp pantsuit or any trouser-centered outfit.  Although this is the case, oxfords can also provide balance to an otherwise-girly look.

black suit and oxfords black dress and white oxfords


If you want structured, menswear-inspired shoes to wear at the office, then another good choice is the loafer. These shoes are perfect if you want to become the office power dresser. It’s also a nice ending to any simple outfit you have in mind. Loafers, after all, are attention-grabbers by themselves.

black loafers keira knightley loafers

Pointy-Toe Shoes

If you want to create a longer, streamlined silhouette, then pointy-toes are the best shoes to wear at the office. Not only are they chic and fashionable, they can make you appear taller than you really are. Another great thing about these shoes is that they are very versatile. You can wear them with a dress, or a structured blazer and trouser outfit. Whatever outfit you choose, you will surely look impeccable in pointy-toe shoes.

black pointy toe shoes pointy toe shoes

Lace-up Flats

If you plan on showing your legs via a dress or short skirt, then it would consider lace-up flat shoes to wear at the office. This gladiator-inspired footwear is the perfect addition to a simple or structured dress. While lace-up shoes come in a variety of textures and designs, it is best to stick with a solid color – especially when it comes to shoes to wear at the office.

black lace up flats black lace up shoes

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